Happy New Year From Feminine Smark!

And a happy New Year from Mae Young and the New Year’s baby…woggle…thing? Mae Young! We love her. It doesn’t matter what she does! This badass woman has done some of the weirdest things we’ve seen in WWE television. She likes to give birth and flash people! The latter being the reason she’s the only … Continue reading

CM Punk Criticizes WWE Unfortunately, no

Me too, CM Punk, me too. And ya know, if you don’t like something, don’t do it. He immediately deleted the tweets, btw. ETA: CM Punk himself is saying he didn’t tweet them. Saying he hasn’t tweeted in 3 days. Along with calling fans stupid, morons, and criticizing their spelling. Which…ya know…anti-bullying! But tweet doesn’t … Continue reading

Wrestling In Pop Culture

I very much enjoy researching, discussing and writing about the role of wrestling in popular culture. Wrestling as seen in other media is a funny thing. It really shows how much pro-wrestling has influenced our culture as Americans. It also shows the biases about wrestling itself within our culture. This clip is from the movie … Continue reading

Stories From A Wrestling Kid: Video Games

One of my earliest memories of wrestling was going over to my Uncle’s house and sitting around a bulky, static-y TV set from the 70’s watching my cousins play WWF Raw on Super Nintendo. Sometimes they would let me play. They convinced me to pick Doink, telling me he was the best character in the … Continue reading

The ArmbarCast Episode 12

Episode 12: Bring Back The Cruiserweight Division More Sheamus news, Over The Limit, Ric Flair is having more troubles, bring back the Cruiserweight Division, no more Yellowface Albert, we want an International Stable, people of color dominating the tag team division, RAW’s moving to 3-hours and the Rey Mysterio lawn dart incident. Yeah, we went … Continue reading

The ArmbarCast Episode 11

Episode 11: “Kayfabe Is Dead”   @nealcarter and I talked the Sheamus title run, Damian Sandow, there was a great women’s wrestling match, a revolution (not winter, unfortunately) is coming…and #WhateverTheFuckBella is now trending worldwide! Click, click!