Lita Tribute

Thought this would be appropriate for the first post. Though I could have done without the 10+ seconds of her and Kane kissing. What the fuck. Why?

I’ve loved Lita forever. I had the most gigantic girl crush on her! One of the most skilled female wrestlers period! Fast forward to about :43 to see the good part where she actually wrestles!

I know. It’s crazy. Women who actually have some skill in the ring instead of just hop around and pull each other’s hair! Blasphemy! Right Vince?

EDIT: I’d just like to say YouTube is fucking dumb. Click on the vid to watch on YouTube. Copyright Bullshit. This is 2011 motherfuckers. Copyrights for footage and music don’t matter anymore. Corportations have lost that battle. Fucking give it up…Jeebus… /randomrant


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