Kharma: Debut Thoughts

So, folks have been asking me…

“What do you think of Kharma?”

For some reason I had been missing her debut and attacks on the Divas. With WWE I generally tend to only 1/2 pay attention to the women’s matches. I finally got to look up her debut.

I like Kharma. Of course, I’ll wait until she has her first few matches for final judgement. But, I love this debut! Kharma has a very Undertaker-esque (or maybe Andre The Giant…) persona about her. As soon as she walks out of the curtain she owns the spotlight. All eyes are on her.

It feels very “Undertaker” to me because she doesn’t have to do much…she just walks down and there’s this presence of confidence.

“I’m here. I’m about to kick ass.”

No frills, no pretenses. I love people that can do that. Stone Cold is much the same way. This energy without trying. He walks out and you know amazing is about to happen. That’s the aura that Kharma gives off, and I hope she lives up to that and can handle WWE.

As far as wrestling skill,  I’m impressed. Her technique is very fine-tuned.If I were a wrestler I would feel really safe in the ring with her, she seems to really take care of her opponents. She also knows to pause and take in the crowd reaction before giving her finisher (if that was her finisher we saw there…)

“This is gonna be special…you’re gonna want to see this!” I love that.

For me, wrestlers have to be badass, and especially the women. It’s like Roller Derby or a female Target Shooter. People didn’t show up to see Annie Oakley because she was a woman. They paid to see her because she was a badass woman. There’s an expectation that these women are tough.

That’s what I need from my female wrestlers. I need to see that toughness. Be badass. Fucking own your character and your movements and your matches. Here’s another good one of Kharma as Awesome Kong. She’s completely owning these moves and this character. It’s very refreshing.

I can’t wait to see more of her!

P.S.- Yeah I know Smackdown was last night. I have thoughts…lots of thoughts. But I don’t want this to turn into a #FuckMarkHenry blog…because that’s all I got. Any commentary would just be an entire post about how Mark Henry needs to go back to his Strong Man competitions where he actually kicks ass. And he’s from Silsbee, TX…by the way. The town right near my hometown. I feel dirty just claiming that. Ugh.


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