“Be A Man, Vince”

Although there’s bad rapping, which I can’t cosign…this video from Off The Ropes Show is a very fitting tribute to Savage. It also makes a case for Macho Man to be a 2012 Hall of Fame inductee.

We as fans can make this happen. In another video from Off The Ropes, they make the point that the reason us older fans stick with the WWE product no matter how shitty it gets is because of our childhood. To relive those memories, hoping for a new era like the 80’s Era or the Attitude Era to come again. Even though I was very young, part of my childhood memories do contain Randy Savage.

It would be absolutely shameful of Vince if he doesn’t put Macho Man in the Hall of Fame this next year. It’s shameful to not give a man his just due because of your personal feelings. As fans we all know that Vince’s ego is one of the reasons the product is so shitty right now. Vince just does what he wants and rarely listens to the fans.

However, a random aside, a few days ago in my email I did receive a survey from WWE about their product. So, things like that give me hope. Maybe, at least for this little thing like DVD releases (what the survey was about)–they’re going to listen to us. Maybe Vince will start listening to our voice with other things. Maybe.

I hope Vince sees this tribute–and I hope he listens. Please pass along!


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