Push It Real Good

Last night’s RAW should have just been called RAW: Push Edition. Honestly, aside from that horrible Kharma segment…

What the fuck was that, writers? Are you fucking kidding me! You finally get a Diva who isn’t a Barbie. What do you do? Have her walk to the ring all monster-like…then shrivel up and cry on her knees in front of these Barbies. I swear to god if this becomes a “I’ve never been pretty!” storyline I am going to hunt you all down and punch you straight in the fucking face. Seriously? Seriously?! YOU. ARE. FUCKING. IDIOTS.

As I was saying, best RAW in a long time.

Push #1: R-Truth

Main Event status, baby! I’m lovin’ it! I love everything about this heel turn. Years ago when watching K-Kwik kick ass on Sunday Night Heat, I never thought it would take this long to get here. But, I’m good with it! The “I want my son, back!” was weird. LOL, I love how Cena just played it off.

“Yeah, let’s just kick each other’s ass now…”

I think R-Truth is ready for this though. Did you see how he got the crowd to chant “CM PUNK! CM PUNK!” He can cut a good promo, last night’s weird turn aside. He is good in the ring. And he’s good at exciting the crowd. Fucking PUSH him! Let’s go!

Push #2: David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

Actually I don’t really care that much about this push. Except that it’s possibility a new Tag Team in the mix. We need more faces in that division. Plus, I’m tired of the writers just putting Big Show with any ol’ person and having them win the titles. Of course, anything to see less of unmasked Kane (Kane Lite) on my screen is good to me.

Push #3: Alex Mother-fuckin’ Riley! (Push Of The Year)
So, how great was that shit? I mean, we’ve all been expecting it for some time I think. That’s the way these sidekicks gimmicks go. Par for the course. But man…the tenacity and ferocity I was not expecting. Did you hear the pop? That was gooooood shit. I marked out hard! He whooped Miz’s ass! I had a complete mark out moment! Amazing.

So the question becomes: What now? I was talking with some other folks about this. They are saying a solid Intercontinental feud would be good. I can see that viewpoint…that title has been the road to Main Event status for many. The Rock comes immediately to mind, who had some EPIC feuds for that title belt.

However, I respectfully disagree somewhat.

My reasoning is this: Let’s take The Rock as the standard for this example. He was part of the Nation of Domination. That group was really a mid-card stable for the most part, if I remember correctly. It made sense to vie for the Intercontinental Championship. That’s what you do at the mid-card level.

But, Riley has been what I call “Side-Along Main Eventing” for a while now. He’s been at ringside during the main events with The Miz, he’s interfered in tons of matches. That said, he has not been given a lot of time in the mic. Noted. However, the way he kicked Miz’s ass? How is he gonna feud with anyone but The Miz? Believably?

Although, in my opinion, The Miz is still fairly fresh as a Main Eventer (if only they would give him fresh feuds….), he can help Riley with this transition. It isn’t like The Rock where he’s left to deal with this ridiculous, fast, surge in popularity himself. Plus, Riley isn’t necessarily paving the way or anything.

My point is, yes, they should be somewhat cautious. But, since he’s already had this main event experience, and they already have this momentum going with The Miz…they need to take advantage of that. Try him out. See how it goes. If he can’t cut it yet? Ok. Fine. Put him back down as a mid-carder.

The Main Event circle desperately needs fresh faces. I’m tired of Cena carrying the company. It’s just Cena up there…with a few others for him to play with. That’s not good business or good entertainment. How many times did we see Orton v. Cena, or Miz v. Cena? Why? Because that’s all that is there.

It’s time to take risks. When the product was better you could take your time w/ the build up of a character. That time is long gone. Try people out. They’ve done it fairly quickly with R-Truth and he is shining now. We can try it with Riley too.


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