Kharma Is A Human Being

Dear Wrestling Fans,

News around the rumor mill is that Kharma is pregnant and that is why she has been written off of TV. I don’t know how true it is, and I agree with Diva Dirt’s take on the situation. It is up to her as a woman to decide when to talk about things dealing with her body. And that’s the end of that.

However, I’d like to discuss a separate issue all together. In comments on articles about Kharma’s WWE status, or rumors about her pregnancy I keep seeing comments like:

Who would have sex with that?

And variations on the above. This is absolutely ridiculous! Really?!

I don’t know if the people saying this stuff are 12 year old boys, or grown ass folks (I surely hope not…) But, that kinda crap has to stop. What makes Kharma ugly to you? Her “Monster” gimmick? She’s plus-sized? She’s muscular? I really don’t understand.

We as fans bitch so much about the lack of real female wrestlers in WWE, and when we finally get a new one…this is how we treat them? Despite her gimmick, she actually is a human being with real feelings. How would you feel if people were talking about you that way? You’re gonna cheer her when she does something awesome in the ring and then treat her as if she’s a monster out of it?

It’s just wrong. Us fans are better than that. We’re better than fat-shaming. We know the difference between a character and a person’s real self.

You wanted more than Barbies, you got more than Barbies…even for a little while. Appreciate it. And for fuck’s sake…treat people as human fucking beings.

It’s really not that hard.




2 thoughts on “Kharma Is A Human Being

  1. Internet fans have a longstanding tradition of prying into wrestler’s personal lives. There is quite a tinge of sexism going on with Kharma, because instead of immediately thinking she was injured on the job, they instantly had to bring her sex life into it. Granted, entertainment has long conditioned its consumers into viewing women purely as sex, so it’s not just wrestling fans, but it is tiresome.

    As for the comments on her looks… people are assholes. Kudos for calling them out on it.

  2. Hey Razor,

    I don’t mind the prying into people’s personal lives. Gossip is fine. But insulting someone for their looks really is just ridiculous. Especially as WRESTLING FANS. More than half of us are overweight as it is! It’s just dumb. And I definitely agree about all the sexism w/ Kharma. It’s that way w/ all the Divas…but it’s worse when you’re a big girl trying to do this stuff.

    Let’s all get a grip and treat people as human beings, ya know? Lord. LOL

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