Theme Thursday (Not on a Thursday…): Steve Blackman

I had planned to do this post after Impact Wrestling tonight before midnight, but I just felt so horrible! So, it’s a little late…but it’s here.

I’m a huge geek for wrestling themes and Titantrons! And I know I’m not the only one! So, I decided every Thursday I’m going to spotlight a different theme!

This week is a theme (and wrestler) that I feel many of us have forgotten about.

The Lethal Weapon Steven Blackman! First of all, his theme was amazing and fit him perfectly! Everything about this theme and his Titantron is just gold! Hits in time w/ the beats…remember the Kendo Stick? (Am I spelling that right?) That opening…Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Ah!

Mark out moment!

Even as I teen, when I wasn’t very smarky about wrestling, Blackman was one of my favorites! I loved watchimg him go for the Hardcore Title.

What are your memories of Steve Blackman?

Remember to post in the comments what theme you wanna see me spotlight! Til tomorrow! (Or, ya know, later today….)


One thought on “Theme Thursday (Not on a Thursday…): Steve Blackman

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