Thoughts On The Averno Signing and Sin Cara

A few days ago Wrestlezone reported: is reporting that WWE has signed Mexican Lucha Libre star Averno to a new deal. The report notes that Averno is expected to debut on the Smackdown brand and work with Sin Cara. The feeling is that WWE wants someone that Cara can work well with in order to showcase his moves, and Averno had a notable feud with Sin Cara during their time working in Mexico.

While I think it’s a great thing to have more Luchadore’s in the mainstream, and I like what Averno does in the ring: This signing annoys me for several reasons.

First of all, did WWE really sign Mistico and change his name to Sin Cara and all that without any thought to what his role in the company would be? Seriously! I know that WWE knows how to make good business decisions. I don’t get this.

It’s frustrating to me that it seems as if they just took this guy and implanted him into American-style wrestling with seemingly hardly any prep and just thought they’d see how he did. Is that what happened? I believe Sin Cara can’t speak much English, correct? That’s fine, but was no thought given to that? With the moves this man does in the ring…it takes some communication between the wrestlers to pull them off. Right!? Am I crazy for thinking that?

No thought was given to the story they were gonna build around his character? Who was he gonna feud with? Why is he even here? What’s his purpose? How could none of these questions have been asked? That’s just not a good business move…or good storytelling, for that matter.

Then, if they signed Averno has a Hail Mary to try to save the decision they made to sign Sin Cara…I don’t know how long he’s gonna last. It’s great that at least with Averno they have put some thought into who he’s gonna feud with, not that it took much thought. At least we understand what his role is and can get behind that.

But, I wonder if WWE has thought of what they’re gonna do with Averno after his feud with Sin Cara is over? Or what if Sin Cara can’t cut in the company and they have to release him? I’m really hoping they didn’t just sign him because Sin Cara needed someone in the ring he can communicate with. I’m hoping they put at  least a little more thought into it than that. I hope he can be useful for other matches and feuds.

Here’s a video of Mistico/Sin Cara vs. Averno in a Japanese fed, I believe. I think they’re both good. This match also demonstrates Sin Cara’s technical wrestling ability, which I would like to see more of instead of just Rey Mysterio 2.0 all the time! Something else about this clip that adds another dimension are the promos. I don’t speak Spanish or Japansese so I don’t know what they’re saying, but it annoys me that all Luchadore’s in WWE basically have to be silent.

WWE can spend god knows how much throwing The Rock a fucking birthday party in the ring, on TV…a man who (though I love tremendously. #TeamBringIt) continuously chooses his movie career over wrestling. But, they can’t bring out a translator for Sin Cara? Translate the words on screen for us? Something? Anything? Bueller?

Technically, yes, it would be weird at first. But, WWE let Savage cut some ridiculous, nonsensical (and awesome) promos. We can’t give Sin Cara a translator? Make him different? Sigh.

I know, pipe dreams.


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