Theme Thursday: Al Snow

What does everybody want?!

Head! Obviously. This was one of those themes where if you were watching at home you had to whisper the “head” part so your parents didn’t hear! Or you said, “No Mom! They’re talking about the mannequin!” LOL, you can see I’ve had practice at this little game…

This may be one of the most fitting theme’s for a wrestler ever. The words were nonsensical and crazy…so was Al Snow. Head is really the star of the song for no reason.  If you’re gonna be successful in WWE, you have to differentiate yourself from the other talent. Head certainly did that for Al! Just an original, crazy prop.

Actually, it’s really only because of Head that we got to see as much Al Snow as we did…because WWE didn’t give a shit about his wrestling ability. I think Head deserves a post dedicated just to her! So does Al Snow, for that matter. That match where he fought himself? Are you kidding me with that? MUST. FIND. VIDEO.

But I digress, just sayin’, Head is awesome. See what I did there?


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