Stories From A Wrestling Kid: WWE and Anti-Bullying

On Raw Monday night, the fans got treated to a little vignette about WWE creating the “Be a STAR” campaign to promote anti-bullying.

Wednesday, Martyn Nolan posted this actually very reasonable and thought out article on Wrestlezone that I’m not entirely fond of. He makes some good points, but I disagree with one particular part.

I could be completely negative and say straight of the bat that there is nothing like a man who has made a living out of smashing people with sledgehammers like Triple H to give kids advice on how not to bully people, but hey! I will resist.

This statement in particular really annoys me. First of all, just….seriously? HHH is a character. To take a swipe at someone doing anti-bullying work…just…REALLY?! WWE and heel wrestlers like HHH are exactly the people that should be doing anti-bullying campaigns.WWE is a show that displays violence and is essentially marketed to children at this point. Of course they should get involved in issues effecting their fan base! It’s good and responsible business, besides just being the right thing to do.

We have kids committing suicide everyday because of bullying and you’re actually bitching about someone standing up to that? Think really hard, because I’m sure you’ll realize that makes no sense whatsoever.

My teenage years were a hard time for me, like most kids. Some kids cope through video games, others through sports. I coped with dealing with being a teenager through wrestling. I was a wrestling kid. No matter how bad a day I had, I knew it was gonna get better because it was Thursday and The Rock was gonna kick someone’s candy ass on Smackdown that night!

13 and 14 were tough years for me. I was dealing with a crush who didn’t return my feelings, and friends who had backstabbed me in a way so hardcore I still want to punch them straight in the face to this day. Not only did they betray me, but they were harassing me as well. They called me names, and made me feel like I was stupid and not good enough to be someone’s friend.

Ya know who got me through that? Degeneration X, The Rock and Stone Cold. Not just watching them, but emulating them. They’re confidence and badassness, as a face or heel, gave me the courage to get up and go to school everyday. To start talking back and fighting back.

Once these friends talked about wanting to beat me up, I put on my best Rock bravado and told them to bring it and meet at the park that Saturday. My Mother drove me to meet them at the appointed time. Guess who didn’t show, by the way? Fuck those bitches.

DX was especially helpful in getting back my self-esteem. It had been completely destroyed by those girls. Seeing DX come out every week and sending the message that people are good enough to be who they want to be. To not let others make them feel less than. (“You think that you’re better?”) To be playful, funny, confident, and not take shit. Hell, that’s who I am now!

I am Degeneration X!

It was during that time I developed the “This is me, and this is who I am and what I do and if you don’t like it I’ve got two words for ya…” attitude that I still carry around to this day. I challenge authority. I’m not a big fan of playing the game to get ahead. Reason #15765 why I’ll never be successful in life! LOL, blame DX.

Maybe I am just being overly-sensitive. I know that Mr. Nolan does go on to state that the WWE should be doing this loudly. But then…what was your point again? You’re attacking Triple H for doing it, but he should still totally be doing it?

I also get that my little quote from his article up there misses the real point of the article. I get it. I read it. WWE shouldn’t be calling heels “bullies.” It’s just the statement I quoted really stuck out to me and I wanted to discuss it since I had direct experience with the topic.

I’m just saying, WWE and the take-no-shit, confident personas that come out of it, in my opinion, help those who are bullied. Maybe I was the only kid strengthened by wrestling, but I doubt it. They gave us confidence, and a way of coping, and hope.

Respect should be given for that. Thank you Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Shawn Michaels for helping me.


2 thoughts on “Stories From A Wrestling Kid: WWE and Anti-Bullying

  1. I just stumbled upon this post today when I was searching through anti-bullying topics. I just started a blog for a nonprofit that I am starting and I was wondering if you would mind if I put this post onto my blog. I was just kind of looking for stories other than my own from the eyes of folks that have been bullied.

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