“Welcome to the WWE you son of a bitch!”

When I started this blog, I decided almost immediately that I wasn’t going to write reviews of the shows. All blogs do this. They’re a dime a dozen, and most do it better than I ever could.  I decided I would take one aspect from the show I wanted to talk about and expand on it. That way I would differentiate myself, and plus I’m opinionated.  It’s my blog. I want more of my views than not, ya know?

Last night…I don’t even know where to begin. This was one of those RAW’s that, I mean, I don’t know. I enjoyed everything about it. I’m a little at a loss for words, because normally I’m bitching about one thing or another.

I got nothing. I really got nothing. I didn’t hate, or really dislike anything about the show! That, honest to god, has not happened since the Attitude Era. This was one of those RAW’s that I could show to a non-wrestling fan and be like,

“Here. This is why you should watching wrestling.”

LOL, not that this is the best example ever…but it’s the only one I can remember since the Attitude Era. The show started off great.

“Welcome to the WWE you Son of a Bitch!” -Stone Cold Steve Austin

One of his most quotable quotes ever! I LOL’d hard. Ok, lemme completely mark out for a minute. I love The Stunner! It may be my favorite finishing move of all time. I don’t mark out for a lot of finishers, not even The Rock’s. BUT THE FUCKING STUNNER?! I will jump up and yell as if I’m a 13 year old again! Anyway, seeing Stone Cole stun people last night was pretty got damn amazing. That alone makes the show worth it for me. I’m not hard to please where Stone Cold is concerned.

But then, this happened…

Ok. Look. How could this eccentric ass talent have been sitting under their noses for like 15 years? Seriously! Stone Cold’s face at :24 was pretty much my face and everyone on my Twitter timeline. was like “…the fuck?!”  LOL This motherfucker came out in a Confederate uniform talking about secession! I CANNOT! This is was really effective, even I, who am a big R-Truth heel fan was like… “Man, I hate this guy right now!” I wanted to punch him in the face. So yeah! Yay writers and whoever came up with that idea! It was very weird as fuck and got a lot of heat. Totally unexpected.

R-Truth is turning into a very unique character, in my opinion. People within the biz have been saying on Twitter a lot that R-Truth is the next big thing, and after last night I really believe it. He has a unique character, and he’s good at it. I just…I can’t say it enough. I want big things to happen with this man.

The Main Event? I thought it was a damn good booking. Cena and Riley vs. R-Truth and The Miz w/ Stone Cold has a special guest referee. YES. Solid Main Event. I was really pleased with it. Again, one of the first times in a long time I was excited for a Main Event before it happened. I couldn’t wait to see it! The only thing I didn’t like was that Stone Cold didn’t stun everyone at the end…

When I see Stone Cold, I need everyone in the ring to get a Stunner. That’s it.

And then! The cream! We got Zack Ryder vs. Kofi with an Evan Bourne interference! HELL. YES. I need them both on IC level this fucking instant! I was not expecting Bourne to come out and attack Ryder at all! That was a “Oh…what the fuck just happened?” moment, which I haven’t experienced in a long time. RAW was just a solid booking and solid performances all the way around. Yeah, Cena botched a few moves in the main event…it’s Cena, what do ya want?

Rodriquez making fun of Big Show with the big hand! The Kofi montage promo! I love so much about this damn show! I’m having a hard time not talking about everything! Marking out again just writing this!

Last night just made me incredibly happy as a wrestling fan. Writers and bookers! Whatever you’re doing! Keep it up! It’s working!

Welcome to the WWE, indeed!


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