Phantom Of The Turnbuckle

I’ve been wanting to do a post on Cody Rhodes, or as I call him, Phantom of the Turnbuckle for a while now. After RAW last night I’ve been given the perfect opportunity to do so!

I have to say, I don’t understand the appeal of this character. I pretty much hate everything about it. I don’t think this sort of gimmick can get Rhodes to Main Event status, and nor do I think he should have been pushed before Ted “I Come From Money” DiBiase.

I hate the bags, I get it’s effective as a heel technique (and hopefully they’re autographed), but if I was at ringside and one of those folks tried to put a bag over my head I probably wouldn’t handle it well. LOL, it makes me angry as a human being to see it being done to people. But it doesn’t make me dislike Rhodes, it makes me dislike WWE for allowing it. I know the I probably have some sensitivity going on here though, and it’s meant in fun and is just a way to gather heat from the crowd. Logically I know that.


I know a lot of other fans feel the way I do. Most of us feel like this:

LOL, don’t you just love that?

Earlier today I came across something that gave me a new perspective on the character: You tried to bring a bit of your comic book fan roots to your WrestleMania gear, didn’t you?

Cody Rhodes: Yeah, my jacket was supposed to be more Mister Sinister themed, but as the designer got to work on it, it became more “Assassin’s Creed” themed, which was also fine by me. At one point there was this huge diamond in the waistband but it was too much, a bit too close to the Sinister vibe. We could never get the jewel to work, but the diamond is still there in rough leather form if you look closely. So did you ever think about a less transparent mask, to complete the Doom look?

Cody Rhodes: Well, here’s a little known fact, because in the world of entertainment things do get misconstrued: one thing that legitimately happened was my broken nose. It was a horrible thing that ended up being a great thing in terms of my career. I had an idea where I wanted to take it but I looked online and saw Rip Hamilton, from the Detroit Pistons. He had the exact mask I wanted—I even went to the same doctor who molded his and had it cast to my face, allowing you to still see my face without obscuring my features. It actually was much more clear when I started but WWE fogged it up a bit, which makes it look cool especially when the lights bounce off.

Rhodes comic book nerdery make the character a little more ok with me, to be honest. LOL, I still think it’s a bad move if he wants to be a Main Eventer…but if he just wants to be a wrestler with a unique gimmick? Go for it!

I might even cheer him on a little bit, but don’t get your hopes up. #PhantomOfTheTurnbuckle isn’t going away anytime soon!


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