This Ain’t Broadway And The Divas Ain’t Dancers!

RAW started off with both The Miz and Del Rio getting their asses handed to them by Stone Cold Steve Austin! Last night we got Kofi, Airbourne, R-Truth with a dumpster, Stone Cold with a ATV and Dolph Ziggler with a montage promo! We didn’t get Divas.

What we got, was apparently supposed to be entertaining.Ya know…like Broadway. Those shows that run for a couple of weeks and get canceled because tickets aren’t selling. I don’t know about y’all, but when I spend my hard earned Mama’s money on tickets to a wrestling show–ya know what I wanna see? Wrestling.

Unreasonable? I guess WWE thinks so.

The fans got a less than 5 minute match where only a couple of Divas’s were showcased and then…a chorus line. For no reason. A fucking chorus line. A bad one! A bad fucking chorus line! Y’all cannot understand the intensity with which I flipped the fuck out.

Unless this ends w/ sweet chin music Im going to punch #wwe in the face. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! #WomanRage #raw

Actual tweet from my Twitter account as this happened.

I literally cannot believe that actually happened. The WWE writers thought that wrestling fans wanted to see the Divas do A FUCKING CHORUS LINE instead of wrestling?! Are you fucking shitting me with that?! REALLY?! REALLY?! On what planet would you think that was a good idea! That’s insane. You realize that’s insane, right?

And then…I swear I threw things at on TV. Listen, WWE, if you’re reading this, I want you to close every other program, turn off your music, take your head out of The McMahon’s ass, and get real close to the screen. No excuses for not reading this.

You fuckers had Beth-motherfuckin’-Phoenix doing a chooooooooooooooruuuuuuus liiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnne.

Yeah, you did that. You did. Be ashamed. Because it’s fucking dumb. It’s fucking dumb, and I hope someone chews your fucking asses out and I wish it could be me!

Fucking idiots.

P.S. Shoutout to Diva Dirt for the pic and video!


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