On Smarks and Eric Bischoff Part 1

Hopefully you’ve all had the chance to check out the interview Wrestlezone.com did with Eric Bischoff…because I’m about to fucking go in on that shit. There are 2 things I wanna discuss dealing with this interview: Smarks and Bischoff himself. I’m going to post this in 2 parts. Let’s get going.


Most of the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) is Smarks, let’s be real. These aren’t kids watching John Cena–these are mostly adults, mostly men, mostly in their 20’s and 30’s that seek out information about the business and wrestlers from websites. These are the same people who come to this blog. These are the same people who are on Wrestling roleplay forums (Which I need to get into, btw…). We are collectors of wrestling memorabilia, and we are generally a vast wealth of knowledge about wrestling and all types of promotions.

We are often hard to please.

When I was a teenager first getting into wrestling, I was a part of wrestling forums where the Smark vs. Mark debate was very common. Marks liked the Main Eventers, and smarks generally thought the cruiserweight division and mid-carders were better. In the late 90’s these were your Eddie Guerreros, Steve Blackmans, Sugar Shane Helmses. Smarks hated The Rock and Stone Cold because they “didn’t have any talent.”

The issues I had, and still do to some extent with Smarks is that they are like any know-it-alls within any hobby. For example, they’ll send you a video and treat you as if you have no idea what you’re looking at. I really try not to be an know-it-all. I try to allow different opinions from my own and not treat people as if they’re dumb. We can and will have passionate debates about it…but at the end of the day it’s just wrestling.

I slowly creeped over into being a Smark, but I’m not as well-versed as many Smarks I know. Basically if it was before 1995 and wasn’t Hogan and Savage I don’t know too much about it. I’m constantly learning and am lucky to have some great Smarks in my life who give me things to research and up my wrestling nerdery regularly. I consider myself a Smark because I’m not just a fan of the Main Eventers. I analyze and appreciate wrestling from a sports, entertainment, storytelling, and business standpoint.

That said, I believe Smarks are the main audience of Impact/TNA. I don’t know one person who watch TNA that isn’t a smark. A casual or Mark fan of wrestling is gonna be watching WWE. Honestly. And, I’m aware Bischoff is specifically talking about the very few Smark fans who are timing the matches on Impact to prove a point that Impact doesn’t do a lot of actual wrestling on their shows. I believe it’s valid. I believe it misses the point of Impact.

We as Smarks are hard to please a lot of the time, and sometimes we just shit on things just to shit on them. That’s wrong. We need to stop doing that. However, since we are hard to please…our opinion is more worth earning. Why is Impact/TNA and the wrestling business in general going for the lowest common denominator? Why are they only trying to please their casual and Mark fans? And why are they shitting on the people who consistently watch their product–good or bad?

We’ll discuss that in Part 2 of this which will be posted on Friday!


2 thoughts on “On Smarks and Eric Bischoff Part 1

  1. I have to disagree with you on a few items you posted in your article. Most “smarks” were fans of Stunning Steve Austin and couldn’t figure out why Bischoff refused to push him. Most of us don’t hate the main eventers, we hate main eventers that are pushed not because of talent but because of their ability to sell T-shirts. As for Eric Bischoff, he and Hogan are snake oil salesmen that have no idea what they are doing. Once those two clowns arrived in TNA many predicted they would destroy the X division. Why would they do that you ask? Because they are looking for the next Hogan. You can’t build a Hogan when you have all the smaller wrestlers on the card out working the guy you want to push. If anything Bischoff has proven that he is a horrible judge of talent. Austin, Jericho, Guerrrero, Benoit, Mysterio & Raven were all misused and called vanilla midgets by Eric, He basically created one star (Goldberg) and misused him also. In the end, the fans should be deciding who gets a push, not a bunch of suits playing politics. We are the customer after all. Bischoff continuously blames the internet wrestling community for his failures but the truth is, if he acutally listened to what the fan base wanted maybe ratings would go up. The truth is, even the casual wrestling fan would want to see more wrestling than talking on a wrestling show. If Eric wants to continue this war with the internet wrestling communtiy, he will surely lose.

    Best Regards,

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