Theme Thursday: Evolution of The Rock

So, this is a Mash-up of all of The Rock’s theme’s since he debuted in WWE! I find it fascinating to compare these things. Personally I tend to do it a lot w/ music from different decades. Like you can hear the rhythms and melodies of music that defined eras like “The Charleston” and “Jailhouse Rock” in all types of music today. Music that has influence all over music. It’s amazing. LOL, alright that’s the history major coming out in me. I digress…

This is much of the same thing. Starting at :20, you can tell when he became less Rocky Maivia and more The Rock. The “Bum…..Bum. Bum. Bum.” is a beat that would be in The Rock’s themes forever. At least some variation of it. At :56 his transformation into The Rock is complete….

At 4:15 is my favorite theme. I will ride or die for it! It’s not a game. LOL

Nerd out! Mark out! Enjoy!


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