On Smarks and Eric Bischoff Part 2

Eric Bischoff

So by now everyone should have heard the Bischoff interview with Wrestlezone and had time to read Part 1 of this post.

Here’s the deal. Bischoff is an epic douche. EPIC. The entire interview he keeps making these passive aggressive statements like “people like you” and the fans “sitting there with a stopwatch.” Bitter much? And then he says this shit:

“[10 Percenters] have a distorted view of the world.”

Really? The entire world? The whole thing? All of it? Not just wrestling, or television, or business…the whole world? Yeah, that’s fucking reasonable and not a all a dumb fuck thing to say.

REALLY?! I’m thinking Bischoff has a distorted view of the world if he thought that was ok to say. I don’t know much about business and even less about television, but I know insulting your fanbase is probably a bad move.

Hey Bischoff, ya know what? I do not know any casual wrestling fans who watch TNA. Not a one! Ya know who’s watching your show? Smarks. 10 Percenters. If it were not for us…your show would not exist, sir. Ya know who’s gonna be watching your product it’s a great? Smarks. Ya know who’s gonna stick by your show when it’s sucking? Smarks. Seriously. Get the fuck outta my face with your insults. It is, it’s just insulting! How dare you talk down to the only people who give a shit about your programming!

A reader of this blog, Nick left a comment on Part 1 of this post and I wanted to quote part of it, because it perfectly illustrates the point I’m trying to make in this post.

In the end, the fans should be deciding who gets a push, not a bunch of suits playing politics. We are the customer after all. Bischoff continuously blames the internet wrestling community for his failures but the truth is, if he actually listened to what the fan base wanted maybe ratings would go up. The truth is, even the casual wrestling fan would want to see more wrestling than talking on a wrestling show. If Eric wants to continue this war with the internet wrestling communtiy, he will surely lose.

I co-sign every word of this! Bischoff: ARE YOU INSANE?! No, you’re right, Smarks don’t know about what it takes to make a good television show. (And apparently neither do you! LOOK AT YOUR FUCKING RATINGS!) But ya know what we do know about? Wrestling. And “Wrestling Matters,” right? Maybe we’re sitting there with a stopwatch because we’re trying to make a fucking point! Maybe we actually want to see, ya know…wrestling! I guaran-damn-tee that Smarks know more about wrestling than the suits making the decisions up there. That, Bischoff, is the difference. You’re making a TV show, when your fans want a Wrestling show. That’s why your ratings sucks, hun.

WWE is finally listening to what the fans want…and look what is happening to their program and their ratings. Yes, you do have to have tons of knowledge in business and television to make a good show. You are absolutely right. But, at the end of the day:

Wrestling Matters.

If you don’t believe your own tagline, why would we?

P.S. Yes, the picture is my actual notes while listening to the interview, right down to the “Douche.” Sorry this took so long to get up! Damn Summer classes. If you ever feel the need to take a year of Spanish in a 5-week time span…pass that right the fuck on up…


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