Theme Thursday: Smackdown


LOL, I just watched this like 10 times in a row. The Rock and HHH were fueding. It was the McMahon-Helmsley Era. Stone Cold was stunning people. Kane had his mask. Edge and Christian were posing “for those with the benefit of flash photography!” Undertaker was, well, the Undertaker. And Y2J was calling Stephanie and “Trashbag Ho.”

Everything was right in the world.

P.S. Who else’s favorite part was at :11?


3 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Smackdown

  1. Ha! Listen! The Ho Train was amazing, sir! For a generation of 12 year olds Godfather gave them lovely ladies to fap too! LMFAO

    Seriously though, when you watch the whole thing the part w/ The Rock doesn’t happen til about :13, but when just going to the time stamp on clicking on it…you have to hit :11 to get Rocky on the turnbuckle.


  2. My comment was one of massive approval 🙂 I was, indeed, there to see the Ho Train! Smackdown definitely gets you amped up! My first WWE event was a Smackdown! episode at Gund (now Quicken Loans) Arena in Cleveland.

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