We Need Del Rio On Smackdown

After watching Smackdown the past few weeks, and how boring it is compared to RAW, I’ve come to the conclusion they never should have drafted Alberto Del Rio to RAW. He should have stayed on Smackdown.

I decided to compare the rosters. Let’s take a look:

Mark Henry-Heel

Big Show-Face
Del Rio-Heel
The Miz-Heel

I took some liberties. Some of the people on my list of Main Eventers on both shows more often than not find themselves in the midcard–but sometimes main event. You’ll notice RAW has more varied talent who main event, and almost all main event on a consistent basis.

Now, Alberto Del Rio being on this list of Main Eventers is debatable, in my opinion. On Smackdown, it would have been a sure thing. Del Rio is currently feuding with Big Show and Kane after Rodriquez hit him with the car, right? Oh, you’re wondering why Mark Henry has suddenly became Big Show’s feud and Del Rio (Who’s henchmen RAN HIM OVER WITH A CAAAAAAR!) has been pushed on the background?

I don’t get it either.

This I’m almost certain of though, if Del Rio was still on Smackdown this one not have happened. Smackdown only has one heel right now who consistently gets heat and that’s Sheamus! Christian doesn’t count in my opinion because even though he’s a heel fans love him, especially Smarks. Del Rio would add another heel to the mix to make Smackdown more interesting and varied.

I was reading (or watching) some commentary about this. As soon as he was drafted they said he would get lost in the fray of Main Eventers on RAW. Absolutely right. Del Rio doesn’t have a place, so now they’ve shoved him back down into the midcard. Which is bullshit!

DEL RIO CAN MAIN EVENT! He was Edge’s last match ever! EVER! He took on the Heavyweight Champ at Wrestle-fucking-Mania! You’re putting him back in the midcard! Really Steph?! ARGH!

Writers, Smackdown is boring. Sheamus is a good heel…and I’m finally starting to buy him as a star. That’s all well and good, but Smackdown needs more than just one believable heel.

Put Del Rio back on Smackdown. Seriously y’all.


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