The Smark Era?


Something is changing. You see it. You hear it.



He’s changing everything. I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I really think we might be witnessing the birth of the next great era in wrestling. And surprisingly, it’s the era of the Smark. There’s no doubt about it now, at the very least we’re gonna have a Superstar that’s catered and caters to us.

Punk calling himself the “Voice of the voiceless?” He’s talking about us. I find absolutely astounding. In 2 weeks the audience went from being a majority of children to a majority of Smarks. It’s a very strange effect of the mob mentality. You know those people had tickets to RAW way before CM Punk cut that promo 2 weeks ago. So what’s happening? Are the Smarks just “coming out,” as it were? Did fans go home and research Colt Cabana? Did Punk empower Smarks to drown out the PG fans? I think a combination of all 3 has happened.

I think it’s way past time for the IWC to start taking control and dictating the kind of shows we want to see. Vince is now listening. I think we gotta be even more vocal now than we were before…because now we have an ear. And what we want? It’s gonna come out of CM Punk’s mouth. We owe it ourselves, to Punk, and to all the badass wrestlers we watched as children that paved the way for Punk to make sure he doesn’t fail. Now’s the time to buy merchandise, tickets, to blog, to podcast, to make Punk the next big thing!

America loves an asshole. America loves a badass. Those are very American things. We love arrogance…that’s why The Rock worked. We love badassness…that’s why Stone Cold worked. They are extraordinarily talented and did work hard, but like all wrestler’s it’s a combination of work hard, the right gimmick, and fans behind you. We owe the Attitude Era a lot, but we made the Attitude Era. It would have never come to pass had we as fans not responded to Stone Cold Steve Austin. That’s because wrestling fans are smart, and at the end of the day we know we works and what doesn’t. CM Punk works because he’s both arrogant and a badass.

Smarks, in some ways, have been given the reins of WWE. We have a chance to shape its future. Let’s not waste it.


One thought on “The Smark Era?

  1. Does this mean the end of John Cena as a main eventer? There are a lot of smarks that seem not to like him. I, however, like Cena (his flow is actually decent too) so I hope that he can make some character tweaks and still be a top guy.

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