Better Than Wrestlemania 27

That’s what Money in the Bank 2011 was. Certainly the best pay-per-view of the year, by far. My earlier prediction about a Smark Era might actually become a reality. We saw a lot of people being given chances and winning matches who are Smark favorites.

Watch the videos now before they get deleted!

Daniel Bryan wins Smackdown MITB

That was a pretty great moment. Marks probably don’t even pay attention to this guy. And yet…he wins. Good for him!

Del Rio Gets A Role On RAW

I’m not such a huge fan of this because Del Rio already won The Rumble in January. With all that fresher talent it seems a little wrong…but I’m ok w/ it. At least Del Rio will have a role on RAW now and not lost in shuffle.

“He spit in my fuckin’ face!” – Randy Orton about Christian

I LOL’d hard when Randy said that. It’s not PG! LOL!
Christian wins! Hopefully they righted the wrong, and this title run will last for a while…

And of course…

CM Punk Wins The WWE Title

This is really the only thing that mattered. I have never heard Cena get booed so hard in my life! You could tell he was a little shaken up by it. I need WWE to understand the CM Punk is the face. It’s time to John “You are what you hate” Cena heel. This is the perfect time to do it! It would be so easy. Cena comes out,

“Something happened last night at Money In the Bank. I got a wake up call. Play the clip! [Clip of Cena entrance and crowd booing] I give everything I have to entertain you, and you boo me?…etc…etc..” IT WOULDN’T BE HARD AT ALL!

I really didn’t expect Punk to win, honestly. I expected that no matter CM Punk was in as a Main Eventer and would continue to usher in this new era, but I really didn’t think they’d let him win. That’s insane and amazing. The #PunkorRiot hashtag certainly helped things along! I read up until yesterday Vince still wasn’t sure how it was gonna play it…which is just dumb. The “CM Punk runs off with the title to another company” angle is so much more interesting! And in the end, no one…no one cared that Cena lost. Usually the camera would pan back to Cena’s anguished face. Nope. Not this time.

Only CM Punk mattered. In one night, Cena was turned into a second fiddle.

What did you think of the PPV? Do you really think the crowd would have rioted if CM Punk lost? Let me know in the comments!


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