Who’s The Boss?

We all set through an hour and 45 minutes of the most boring ass RAW I have seen in a long time.

Tournament? What the fuck was that?

R-Truth not winning the title shot? Way to fuck up a push! GOOD JOB!

30-second Diva’s match? …No, no. That was normal. Thanks for not fucking up our world by bothering with wrestling or storylines. Brilliant idea.

Vince McMahon firing John Cena? No one fucking cares. Blah, blah, blah…

♫ Time to play the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame… ♫

Marked hard. I mark so hard for HHH. I love him so damn much. It’s not a game…it’s THE FUCKING GAME! So, Vince is fired and Triple H is the new head of the company. What does this mean? For real?

Nothing probably.

Vince is still gonna be working behind the scenes, all decisions are still gonna have to go through him. X-Pac says on his Twitter that Vince being fired is real. But, what the fuck does X-Pac know? Sir, listen, you made a porno with Chyna. That means you’ve lost credibility for life with your poor reasoning skills. I’m sorry. You shoulda just kept that between the two of you. But you fucked up and now we can never trust you again. Shame.

I’m hoping it at least means that HHH is for real gonna get to be part of the decision-making process. I’ve never had a problem with Triple H eventually taking Vince’s place and I really think he’s gonna do well at it. He’s not a doofus, despite Punk’s rant.

Storyline wise, we gonna get to see a lot more of him on TV in this role, which I’m super excited about! I’ve wanted this for a long time. HHH doesn’t want to wrestle anymore? Fine. He was never that great of a wrestler anyway…but he’s damn good at promos and acting and I need more of that in my life.

The HHH/Punk promos will be one for the books I’m sure! Everyone will be talking! A little DX attitude…a little Stone Cold-esque attitude…it’s good for everyone, baby! Actually, it really is Vince v. Stone Cold for the next generation. What’s gonna happen if Triple H is still in this role for Wrestlemania 28? I’d like to see he and The Rock go at it one more time! I feel they were each other’s greatest feud…so that dynamic will be fun to see again as well.

What about HHH and R-Truth? There’s just so many dynamic promos we’re gonna get outta this turn of events! And sidenote, can we either nix or announce the fucking Anonymous RAW GM already? Jesus effing Christ. It’s so dumb at this point. People are now booing because they’re tired of the gimmick, y’all…

But Triple H? You fucking make this work, baby. You’ve been doing a great job with talent! Now, just stop Sin Cara from injecting “insulin” between his toes, huh? Pull his ass aside and tell him to stop being a fucking idiot. (And steriods give you a little dick…I don’t understand. I will never understand why that’s an acceptable trade off for big muscles you don’t need anyway because the shit is scripted, fools! /minirant)

P.S.- Storyline or not…I thought it was great when the crowd came out w/ the “Thank you, Vince!” chants when they had been doing the “Hey, Hey, Hey, Goooodbye!” chant not 2 minutes earlier. That’s why I love wrestling fans. For as much as we are stereotyped as being dumb, rednecks, unreasonable, violent, drunks, etc…we are none of these things. Despite what we may think of Vince personally, we give credit where credit is due. We really love this business and respect those who made it something worth loving. Vince will forever have my respect for that.


One thought on “Who’s The Boss?

  1. Are you for reals though, Pac? LOL He really did lose a lot of credibility after that porno with Chyna. Haha.

    Seriously though, I’m excited for what’s going to come out from this. I agree completely, Triple H wasn’t the greatest wrestler, but he is a hell of a performer and can step it up when it needs to be stepped up.

    I’m hoping this works out and doesn’t turn into something really gimmicky though. Believable wrestling is so much better than gimmicky wrestling.

    And I completely agree with what you said about wrestling fans. We keep it classy when it counts.

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