Theme Thursday: Cactus Jack


Mick Foley…I mean, where can you even start? This theme portrays everything that was amazing about the Cactus Jack character. Even the Titantron, which nowadays is used to give his close-ups of 6-packs a la Randy Orton (Not that I’m complaining, mind you…). This Titantron was really used to display Foley as a hardcore wrestler, as one of the best at that style.

What was great about the Attitude Era theme’s is that they fit the gimmick’s so well. Shoutout to Jim Johnston for that! You heard a theme…and even before you saw the wrestler, you knew what you were getting!

The way Cactus Jack pulled off those moves, blood pouring everywhere and he’d just laugh and come back for more. Just relentless. You can’t get that kind of realism and professionalism from the talent nowadays.

His theme conveys that raw, real, primal style that he had. It’s perfection for Cactus Jack.


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