“Never Trust A Snake” Video Post

Jake The Snake holds a special place in my heart! He was my favorite character as a kid, and I still mark hard for anything regarding him! I hadn’t come across a Jake The Snake action figure since he was popular in the early 90’s. So I had to buy it!

One thing I love about this figure that I didn’t put in the video is that it’s such a great likeness! Truly some great artistry there that deserves appreciation.

Anyway, here’s my review! Enjoy!

The closest I'll probably ever get to Jake The Snake!


One thought on ““Never Trust A Snake” Video Post

  1. I bought my nephew Rick Rude for $4 at Target last week. It’s insane they go for $15 at other stores.

    I’m a big Jake Roberts fan, I wish things would have been easier in his personal life so that he could have shined even more in wrestling. Fantastic character and great talker.

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