To Make It Fun Again

Last night on RAW, CM Punk said that he felt he owed it to WWE Universe to stay with the company. He wanted to make wrestling fun again. I have no doubt he’ll succeed! His words got me thinking about what feuds would make watching WWE fun for me. I mean, fun as if I’m 13 years old again and I wanted to see every match, every promo, and I knew who all the champions were and every storyline by heart!

Let’s start with what WWE is currently doing right:

CM Punk vs. Heel John Cena
Obviously, this is going to be amazing. This is what they need to do, turn Cena heel. Punk came out as a face last night. The only reason Cena stays a face is if they’re doing a “passing the torch” kind of match like The Rock vs. Hogan. But, this isn’t that. Cena still has plenty of years left in him!

Despite my desperate wish for a heel Cena, I’m loving this fued. The double champions is mostly new and interested. Will the Undisputed Championship make a reappearance? Will it look like a proper belt worthy of respect?

Punk has to became the champ, the only champ. There’s no other way this can work. WWE is doing an amazing job, because I am amazingly emotionally invested in this match that’ll be happening at Summerslam. I want Punk to be the undisputed champ almost more than life itself at this point. LOL, well not quite…but damnit I need Punk to win!

R-Truth vs. Morrison
This only works if you push both R-Truth and Morrison to Main Event status. I think they both can handle it. They have the right gimmick, charisma, ability, and the fans are mutually behind them and against them.

R-Truth needs to come out with a few more of those cold-blooded attacks like his done on Morrison before. Then the week before a PPV Morrison comes out and fuckin’ WRECKS R-Truth, setting up for the Pay-Per-View! This feud can get pretty personal if WWE lets, and this is one I wouldn’t mind going on for more than one PPV. I think Morrison going after the guy who got him injured for a few months makes more than enough sense!

I really want Cena and R-Truth to fued too. Maybe Cena comes out and costs R-Truth the match with Morrison…setting up a feud. But, they can’t leave this unresolved with Morrison (like they have done w/ Miz and Riley…) Stories have to have a beginning, middle, climax and end. Wrap it up, baby!

Now for some feuds I would like to see:

HHH vs. Anonymous RAW General Manager
It’s way past time for us to be all a-twitter about who the Anonymous GM is. This is ridiculous! You can’t just let it go because Punk and HHH have come in! Again WWE, you have to close the storyline.

With HHH so worried about the 2 title belts, he’s apparently forgotten there is also two people in charge of RAW, and the Anonymous General Manager should let him know it! This is another feud that could go on for a few months the climax being FINALLY revealing the Anonymous GM (Laurinitis?) and then setting up another dimension to the feud by making it mano y mano!

With each of them battling for control, maybe there are Superstars who take sides…factions could be formed. RAW divided! Everyone’s turning against each other! Then after 3 or 4 months one PPV…shocker! Vince McMahon comes back! The Board of Directors has reinstated him because of the mess that’s been made and Vince once again goes everyone despite his steroid use he’s got the biggest dick of them all!

Beth Phoenix vs. Gail Kim
This might be more interesting if WWE put any thought at all into the Women’s Division. Since these are currently the only two women who can actually wrestle and who knows when or if Kharma will be back…this is what I have to go with! Beth can be the heel…she’s good at it. Go for it, baby!

I love Beth Phoenix, let me say that. I think she’s the most entertaining and out of the box. A little Chyna-esque. I love that. I think WWE always needs to have that type of figure.

I’m not sure of a good storyline for this fued, but there definitely needs to be one…preferably one that does not involve fighting over a man in anyway. Woman do have other thoughts..shocking.

The Diva’s division is what’s suffering most right now in WWE, in my opinion. You have to get that back on track. People want to see wrestling. The female fans, especially the kids, need to see strong women–not just models. Having a feud with the only two actual wrestlers will do that.

All other divisions of WWE are shaping up. The Women’s Division shouldn’t be left out! And get rid of that pink butterfly-looking title. BULLSHIT!

Zack Ryder vs. Evan Bourne
Definitely for the Smarks! These are our guys! Punk is up at the Main Event kicking ass! Now we need new talent to mark out about and complain about a lack of pushes for! HERE THEY ARE!

They can easily make Ryder heel. Though I think he has a similar pretty boy, flamboyant style similar to Morrison…but whatever. Airbourne has to be the babyface here. He’s adorable and even though he’s subtle and very cookie-cutter with his style the fans get behind him because of his talent. I’d like to have him on the mic more and see what he can do. Plus with Ryder it would be easier…just make fun of his hair and show clips from his Youtube channel. LOL

Maybe this could be one of those storylines where they are originally in a tag team and then Bourne misses his spot and accidentally hits Ryder, costing them the match. I know that’s played…but I do enjoy those storylines for some reason. Come to think of it, Ryder and Bourne would make an interesting tag team too.

I just want something done w/ these guys! The fans respond to them. They need to be pushed to US title competitors at least!

Some honorable mentions that aren’t exactly feuds:

Babyface Kofi Kingston
I adore babyface Kofi, and I want him to be pushed. I found myself marking out last night when he ran down to save Bourne from Del Rip…but when Cena does similar things I find it to be be annoying. I don’t know why I find Kofi has a babyface more believable for his character, but I just see that.

He’s another one I’d like to see at Main Event status in a year or so. I don’t know he’s ready yet…but having Kofi has that guy who always does the right thing and stands up for people somehow works for me. I can see him being that guy who saves the women if they’re about to be attacked by a male heel…that kind of stuff.

He’s entertaining, charismatic and has the wrestling talent. I’ve learned through Kofi it’s not the “All-American” gimmick I have such a problem with, it’s just that I don’t buy Cena as that guy.

I can’t wait for them to get rid of this nationality gimmick though…I hate them. They rarely work. As Kurt Angle said once, “I hope it dies tomorrow.”

Strong Stables
Something WWE is really missing right now! I think Ziggler could be the strong leader for a heel stable! The Miz could as well. Riley could possibly lead a face stable with a little bit of time…

But Ziggler would be great for this. There’s a lot of midcarders and undercarders in the back who could get air time in a stable. We need stables like DX, The Radicalz, Right to Censor…which strong gimmicks and clear purposes. Vickie Guerrero could up her managing game and manage the stable

In WWE, a lot of talent gets misused. We as fans and smarks have always felt that way. Stables give more people a chance to shine and try themselves out in a way that makes more sense than just putting together 2 random midcarders in a match with no reason behind it.

What would you like to see in WWE that would make it fun again?


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