Theme Thursday: Chris Benoit


The beginning of this theme makes me cringe everytime I hear it. It sounds so creepy, given what ended up happening. And along with the Titantron? Man.

I am not a person who believes that just because Benoit killed his family it negates everything he ever did in wrestling. Human beings are complicated…and very few are wholly good or wholly bad. Just as there are very few truly bad people. Benoit did what he did because of a combination of brain injuries and a long history of steroid use. He wasn’t an evil person, and we do an injustice to ourselves as human being when we think of people in such black and white terms.

But off my soapbox!

This theme was everything to me. I loved to watch him wrestle Kurt Angle! I could watch that all day, everyday. Two masters of technical wrestling going at it…who can do the most creative submission move?

This theme captures caged rawness that was Chris Benoit as a character. There was the vulnerability about him when he wrestled. He truly gave it all he had.

I mean, watch the Angle vs. Benoit watch from Wrestlemania X7 and tell me it doesn’t take your breath away. Just complete awe. I miss him.

Chris Benoit


One thought on “Theme Thursday: Chris Benoit

  1. Though I loved the British Bulldogs, Benoit was a better Dynamite Kid than The Dynamite Kid. I hope that his people are finding some comfort after that sad end. You’re right…he was still a hell of a wrestler.

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