Chief Wahoo McDaniel: A Tribute To My Pappy

As expected, my Pappy died last Sunday. His funeral services and come and gone. But, he’s never going to be forgotten. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to him to do a tribute to one of his favorite and often forgotten wrestlers, Wahoo McDaniel.

My Mama and some of my cousins have memories of watching wrestling with him. He was a huge wrestling fan, and especially loved to watch Houston Wrestling. He, along with my Mama saw Hulk Hogan in person in his early days.

It’s partly because of him that I’m as big of a wrestling fan as I am. When I went to Wrestlemania 25 I took a picture of the crowd and ring on my phone and sent it to him. My Granny said his eyes just lit up…the fact that I thought of him. Looking back on it, I’m so glad I did that.

You can’t find any clips from Houston Wrestling because the family of Paul Boesch owns them all, but, well, here we go! Wahoo McDaniel!

Wahoo McDaniel’s story is one of the most interesting in the sport, as the Oklahoman was a standout performer not only in professional wrestling, but also as a member of several successful NFL squads. And although he didn’t have to, throughout his entire career as a professional athlete, Wahoo always took his position as a role model for Native Americans very seriously. This multi-time champion was also one of the sport’s most travelled, as he wrestled in virtually every territory within the NWA or AWA at one point or another. Although he was a hugely popular fan favorite throughout the majority of his 20+ year long career, Wahoo was also one of the most intense and violent. Occasionally, this intensity led fans to view Wahoo as a “heel” and he “crossed the fence” more than once during his lengthy career. Still, his drawing power and sheer popularity (whether it be as a “goodguy” or a “bad guy”) was undeniable, and he wrestled most of his career as a beloved hero. As a champion, there were few who were more prolific. And as a performer, few could get their story across inside the ring the way Wahoo did. Simply put, “Chief” Wahoo McDaniel was one of the most important wrestlers of the late 20th century…(READ MORE)

Rest In Peace Pappaw

My favorite picture of my Pappy


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