TNA Stands For “Totally eNabling Addicts”

Quick rundown, shall we?

Ric Flair is a current or former active alcoholic with health problems related to his drinking. He shouldn’t be wrestling. I’m sorry. But he shouldn’t. Active alcoholic or not. How dare you take a legend and help him to become…whatever the fuck he is right now. I could spend a whole blog on that alone.

Kurt Angle just got arrested for driving under the influence.

And do I even have to explain what’s happened to these two?

Dear TNA,

What the fuck are you doing?! You are helping these people kill themselves. Stop letting them work and encourage them to get help! What the fuck is wrong with you! You’re pissed at Angle for getting a DUI? Yeah? Because it makes TNA look bad, right?

Ya know what’ll really make TNA look bad? When Angle or one of the Hardyz is found dead and it turns out it might have been prevented had TNA had stricter Wellness policies.

Are you fucking insane?! Stop being so desperate for good talent that you’ll accept anyone (and their addictions) that couldn’t hack in WWE because they prized drugs over their careers, the fans, and most of all themselves.

Get a fucking grip. Do the right thing and do everything in your power to make sure these people hit bottom so they can get help! SON OF A BITCH!

Fucking shit…so pissed…


4 thoughts on “TNA Stands For “Totally eNabling Addicts”

  1. Dixie Carter is a piece of work. Her whole mother hen boss schtick is nothing but an act. The evidence that has been exhibited over the years is voluminous and damning. All the PR about TNA being a “one big happy family atmosphere” and good working environment is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Beyond the obvious enabling atmosphere of TNA for the few perceived stars the company employs. The obvious WCWesque glass ceiling that applies to most and the general bullspitting and deception that is wielded at the fans, most of TNA’s talent work as virtual low wage slaves, who are lured into and then trapped for the length of their contract by the appeal of television exposure. Meanwhile, they make virtually no money and when TNA grows tired of them, they simply take them off of shows and the rotation and they earn less money. TNA even closed the loop hole a few years ago that allowed much of it’s talent to make a decent living on the independent circuit by instituting their through the office booking policy. In essence, they made guys and gals who are independent contractors be approved to work for other promotions, of course, demanding a cut of their outside bookings and putting a basement level rate on bookings that basically priced many promotions out of the ability to employ said talent. This is fine and dandy if TNA were paying their employed talent a fair wage, but in most cases they simply are not. Dixie Carter runs TNA like a plantation that employs indentured servants. It’s not even slavery as Awesome Kong described it. It’s worse. Slaves are generally taken care of, fed and looked after because they are property. TNA employees who don’t have the luxury of being one of the sought after talents from WWE, are worked to death, then discarded if they can’t farm them out on the indy circuit for the overpriced rates that TNA demands.

    It’s quite evident they care nothing for their talent

    • Are you just making emails and shit to post stuff about TNA? That’s all very interesting, but it sounds like a copy and pasted rant from elsewhere.

      And don’t compare anything happening in TNA to slavery. To say the conditions in TNA are worse than slavery is silly and very historically inaccurate. And it spits in the face of the thousands who were wounded and died because of slavery.

      But yes, it’s evident TNA does not care about their talent (or fanbase, actually). That’s why they’re going to fail. Sad.

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