Wonder Women: Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Can we discuss how hot the leather is though?! *swoon*

…and they’re here to save us!

“Save us from what?” -Kelly Kelly

Um, you ma’am.

I get that to be a woman in the wrestling biz takes a lot of balls. I get they all work hard in the ring to entertain us. I really fucking get it. But, we’re just sick to death of Barbies. Beth Phoenix and Natalya are saving us from mediocre wrestling. From just getting by–by the skin of your big boobs. That’s not all you are and to either allow yourself to be presented that way or to present yourself that way is bullshit.

With the Diva’s division I’m really just at a point where if you aren’t badass, or actively working on being badass then fucking go home. I’m done. Same for these million All-American Boy gimmicks and looks in the men’s division, by the way. Get unique and badass or get the fuck out. Stop wasting our time. /rant

Beth Phoenix and Natalya sure as fuck aren’t wasting our time. They’re coming out every week being badass and entertaining, which is why they aren’t really getting over as heels, unfortunately. I love heel Beth Phoenix so much. Hey WWE! Ya know how you can sell Beth Phoenix as a heel? Get an equally talented face for her to go against. It’s not working because Beth Phoenix is so much more talented than Kelly Kelly and everyone knows it.

“Getting over” at this point in the wrestling business really has to be a combination of a good, solid, strong, badass gimmick and genuine talent. When you’ve got fans of both genders who want to see wrestling and you’ve only got a few good women wrestlers in your entire arsenal–then of course wrestling fans are gonna cheer for the wrestlers! That makes sense, right?

This is the Reality Era. Beth Phoenix channels her inner CM Punk by implying the Divas’s division ain’t nothing but a bunch of models trying to be wrestlers. She’s saying what we all are thinking, not trying to force belief on the fans. Those days are over.

They’re badass. That’s why they get badass music when fans do MV’s. Go on, WWE. Go look up the ones for Kelly Kelly on Youtube. You’ll notice a difference.

You’ve got people talking with all the Diva’s fighting on Twitter. about that article.

Keep it up! This is the Reality Era. We know they’re badass. Let them save us.


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