AirBoom Is What’s Up!

Let's all pretend we don't notice the sweat all over Kofi's trunks because this was obviously taken right after a match. Where the fuck is WWE's photoship team?!

…see what I did there?

I’ve decided to make this week Tag Team Week! For some reason I want to do is posts about current tag teams I love!

Ok, I’m not gonna lie. I mainly love AirBoom because they’re both hot as hell, Kofi Kingstron moreso. But they’re also doing some amazing in-ring stuff that vaguely reminds me of The Hardyz…my favorite tag team of all time. So I’m all in. They’re hot and entertaining the fuck outta me. And everytime Evan Bourne does that Shooting Star Press so flawlessly with such amazing technique I get chills. Seriously.

What more can I ask for? Really?



Not to mention their theme is catchy as shit!



*cue “Ebony and Ivory”*


2 thoughts on “AirBoom Is What’s Up!

  1. Air Boom is the best tag team option the WWE has at the moment, but the division will perk up when the Kings of Wrestling are brought in. I’m also hearing that The Briscoes are possibly going from ROH to WWE. If WWE decides to not raid the ROH locker room and does a talent exchange thing instead, the tag division in WWE could see the biggest resurgence since the late 80s.

    • Oh I have to research more about that! I’ll be so excited if that happens! I miss good tag teams. Wrestling needs good tag teams and stables back. More than anything.

      I actually really adore The Usos too and wish they would get more of a push. I’m doing a post about them tomorrow.

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