The Usos and the Haka

WWE annoys me.

They started out calling the dance The Usos do before they come down to the ring by it’s true name, The Haka. But, in true “We’re republicans” and “We think Americans are stupid.” fashion…now they’re just calling it the “Polynesian Wardance.”

Fuck all that.

It’s called the Haka (Ha-Kah), and is a traditional dance of the Maori people in New Zealand. The Maori are the native inhabitants of New Zealand, the the Haka was used to strike fear into their enemies. To intimidate. That’s why The Usos do this dance. In modern times it’s mostly known though Soccer/Football.

New Zealand, by the way, attempt to do diversity right. Although the Europeans engaged in the same imperialist tactics as the rest of Europe did, and Americans did (using the American imperialist idea of “Manifest Destiny”). New Zealand in some ways has attempted to not only coexist with the Maori…but add some of their traditions into New Zealand’s culture as a nation. New Zealand is well known for their soccer team the All Blacks and The Haka they perform. All members of the team. European and Maori alike. They perform the Haka called the “Ka Mate” (Coo-Muh-Tay), while The Usos perform a Haka called “Siva Tau.” LOL, I don’t know how to pronounce that one.

I find The Usos to be very refreshing in the tag team division. Their chemistry and choregraphy as a tag team is very genuine and spot on. If they can keep from being typecast as heels because they’re foreigners…

t’ll be nice to see some diversity within the tag team division besides just that All-American gimmick that seems to be prevalent right now because they’re just throwing people into the tag team division and not actually paying attention to it. The Usos debuted as a tag team, which is unusual nowadays for WWE.

The fact that Samoans have a long history in the wrestling business and that The Usos family (and The Rocks’s family since they’re the sons of Rikishi) are wrestling royalty is something that’s overlooked a lot. We haven’t really had a Samoan wrestler who had that as part of his gimmick since Rikishi left. By that time his gimmick was just a big joke.

It’s nice to see Samoan culture and their contributions to wrestling and WWE brought to the forefront again. I hope it lasts.

I’ll leave you with a few videos!




2 thoughts on “The Usos and the Haka

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the All Blacks play rugby, not football. New Zealand’s All Whites football team rarely do the Haka, because FIFA don’t like the idea of war dances in football.

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