Toro! Toro!: John Cena and BULLying

So. Let me get this straight.

Cena tells Del Rio to “Go back to Mexico!” and then…


He makes fun of a man who was forced by his boss to fight in the first place by treating that person as if they are a bull?


And he’s supposed to the good guy?

I get that it’s supposed to be lighthearted, fun, hahaha. Rodriquez is comic relief. I know. But something about it just rubbed me the wrong way. It’s the jock picking on the nerd for not being athletic.

It speaks to a larger narrative within WWE. It’s precisely what CM Punk was saying at the end of RAW last night…that WWE values heavyweights over the cruiserweights. That if you don’t fit the right mold you’re discarded, disregarded, the bad guy, the person who just doesn’t measure up.

John Cena right now is the face of that. I think he has a lot of power, at least to have some decision in his own characters direction. I’m certain all of that last night was improv. But, if you’re supposed to be the hero, if you’re supposed to be noble–bullying seems like a weird thing for your character to do.

Especially since WWE is doing this anti-bullying campaign. He’s the babyface. He can’t be bullying. He should have tried to help Rodriquez, poor guy just got stuck fighting for the wrong side. Cena should have not engaged Rodriquez and instead pulled Del Rio into the ring and forced him to fight instead of hiding behind someone else.

That just makes more sense, right?


3 thoughts on “Toro! Toro!: John Cena and BULLying

  1. I tweeted about this when I saw it on Monday… I agree with you completely!

    As a Mexican, seeing John Cena, THE top WWE guy, treating Ricardo Rodriguez as a bull looked really bad and was offensive.

    I get it too, it’s Cena being funny and they aren’t trying to make it offensive or anything – at least I hope not – but there’s really no need for it.

    If they wanted to keep Ricardo as the heel lackey, then why not just have him and Del Rio try to blindside Cena? That would make them look heelish, and make Cena the bigger face. That would make sense too.

    I think some people might think it nit-picky to call Cena out on his actions, but it really wasn’t necessary on his part.

    • Yeah, I was like, “Hm…”

      He’s mexican and a bull? That’s not hurtful or anything. And then the audience yelling “Toro!” …*eyeroll*

      LOL, I think a lot of privileged people would think it nit-picky. I get the intent was to be funny, but it’s still wrong, and Cena should still be called out for it.

      There was a racial component to all of Cena’s interactions with Del Rio and Rodriquez that were completely unnecessary.

  2. I’ve been thinking about these sorts of things ever since they started the rubbish ‘Stand up for WWE’ campaign. All of their community outreach programs are–for all intents and purposes–public relations moves, not ‘out of the kindness of their hearts.’ Their demographic is made up largely of kids, so they want to put out a wholesome, community-minded image to convince parents that it’s OK to let their kids watch WWE, because they’re probably trying to erase the sour taste the Attitude Era left in the mainstream’s memory.

    While I DO applaud their efforts to stop bullying, their actions are counterproductive when their lead babyface is exactly what you said: a jock bullying someone for not being athletic.

    I do think The Rock’s promos on Cena are even worse, by the way. It’s all very hypocritical and counter-productive, which is why I think all it is is a PR move.

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