On The PG Era

“I don’t know how it’s possible to have a show about guys that want to fight each other, with half-naked women running around and all of the other stuff that we have, and have it be PG. I just don’t understand how that works. It doesn’t make sense to me. Me favorite years in the wrestling business were the Attitude Era. Maybe it’s as simple as they’ve decided, ‘We need it to get away from this for a while, as far away as possible, so that when we bring it back it will be a what’s-old-is-new kind of thing.’… Our target audience is 18-34. And you’re giving them PG content … If you’re 18 years old, you don’t want to see PG stuff. You don’t want to see somebody called a ‘darn butthole.’ It insults their intelligence.”Ken Anderson


One thought on “On The PG Era

  1. This comment turned into a mini-article from me to you.. haha

    Devil’s advocate, I feel my intelligence is insulted when Anderson says ‘asshole’ 20 times in one promo. It’s not ‘cool,’ it’s not ‘innovative,’ and it comes off as desperate. The emphasis is weighted far too heavily on PG vs TV 14, and everyone’s missing the key points being that the Attitude Era (as much as I hate defending it, period) was ‘good’ to so many people not because of the edgy factor of it all, but because the core of the product was wrestling. The entire midcard was FULL of not only guys who would be future world champs (you knew it back then, you just didn’t know when it’d all happen), but future LEGENDS/Hall of Famers.

    As much as I like Cody Rhodes, he’s no Chris Jericho.
    Bryan Danielson is no Chris Benoit, and Sin Cara (1 or 2?) is no Rey Mysterio.
    Cena and Orton are no Rock/Triple H/Foley, Taker, the list goes on. That’s not to take away anything from Cody Rhodes, John Cena, or the others, but there’s a glaring difference in star factor. Sure, there were chairs, blood, middle fingers, and ‘puppies,’ but the whole thing felt organic, raw, and (dare I say it?) real. I don’t think wrestling HAS to have blood and chairs in order to feel that way, though.

    People are praising CM Punk because for the first time in like ten years, someone on the mic in pro wrestling sounds real. That’s the problem–the scripting. You can have a family friendly product and have it still be successful as long as you have talent and allow them to grow naturally. How are fans supposed to believe a feud is ‘real,’ if the wrestlers don’t even believe it to be real, because it’s not their own words they’re saying?

    I’m not a blatantly pro-WWE/anti-TNA guy, I try to be objective as possible, but I’ll say that Anderson hasn’t done squat for TNA. They are trying the edgy nonsense and it’s not paying off for them because their writing and booking sucks. However, WWE experiences a very temporary surge in PPV buys by passing the mic to CM Punk for a realistic, compelling feud with John Cena, yet it’s still fairly family friendly. Sure, a lot of it has to do with him being on the same side as the people crying for Attitude, but what he’s doing is still within the confines of the WWE machine and is still relatively family friendly.

    This article’s a little dated but you might enjoy my counter-point on the topic:

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