Theme Thursday: Mick Foley

I got to thinking about Commissioner Foley yesterday for some reason. Ya know, when you’re a kid watching wrestling…you think it’s going to be the same forever, that these characters, your idols, will always be there. Then you grow up, and one day you realize it’s been X number of years since your idol has been in the ring.

I kind of had that moment with Foley. It’s been over 10 years since he was commissioner, and I instantly felt old. LOL

Mick Foley as a wrestler I loved, and as comedic relief I loved more. As I’ve grown up and into hardcore wrestling nerdy and watched more of his matches I’ve come to really appreciate him so much more as a wrestler. His “I Quit” match with The Rock was my favorite match of all time until TLC at Wrestlemania X7.

I really hope to meet him one day.

My favorite thing about this theme is the car wrecking and rolling over. I think it’s a perfect representation of what Foley did. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to entertain us. He put his body through more hell than any other WWE star in history, for sure. How is he not in the Hall of Frame yet, but Stone Cold Steve Austin is?

Not that Austin doesn’t deserve it…but Jesus Christ, Foley deserves it just as much if not more. The “Cane Dewey” promo?! Come the fuck on!

Anyway, enjoy this. Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Mick Foley

  1. It has somewhat of an everyman feel to it. Everyone feels some kind of way about Mick Foley. Some wrestlers music hits and people tune out but everyone’s looking when Mick comes out similar to *breaking of glass* you-know-who.

  2. Very true! I think Foley’s character (and in real life, it seems…) was an every man. That’s what was appealing about Foley. He was extraordinary, and yet we could all see ourselves as him.

    I agree. There are just some themes that when they hit you instantly pay attention because you know something amazing is about to happen.

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