Cuttin Promos: Rudo Reels

Just amazing! Have y’all heard of They sell hard-to-find wrestling DVDs for cheap. And I mean cheap. They are the epitomy of a real wrestling fan! Just wanting to get more people interested in and aware of wrestling beyond WWE.

Wrestling fans these days are limited to seeing the wrestling world through WWE-goggles and many are not treated to getting to see their favorite workers’ ‘other’ career stages in Mexico or Japan. Sure, there’s YouTube and Dailymotion… but that cannot and will not replace the feeling of seeing a show in its entirety, whether it’s a Super J Cup tournament, TripleMania, or TV broadcasts of WAR from the 90s.

Have you wanted to see Rey Mysterio wrestle in Mexico? What about 18 year old Owen Hart? has that and much, much more! Everything from Lucha Libre, to American wrestling to New Japan Pro Wrestling. This website has everything to fulfill your smark fantasies! Here’s a few clips of what you’ll find there:

Take the time to check it out and cop some DVDs. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and “Like” their Facebook page to get the latest DVDs that’ll up your nerdery!

Spread around the smark!


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