Return Of The Heel Stable


Sure, there have been some heel stables in WWE the past few years. Nexus, New Nexus, The Corre…

They’ve all struggled and all fought for airtime and suffered from bad writing and storylines!

Enter Vickie Guerrero…

For me, she will go down as one of the greatest managers in wrestling history. She’s the only women who manages to draw real heat from the crowd…and she even has her own catchphrase! When’s the last time a Diva had a catchphrase? And her promos are incredibly entertaining!

She is going to be what makes this work. All of the others still need some work on the mic…she’s pretty solid.

Otunga comes out of nowhere with the lawyer gimmick that actually gives his character depth and well…a story. Characters need stories! Because of the “suing WWE” angle, Otunga is the wrestler who is leading this charge right now. It’s really great to see, I actually like Otunga, and with this new gimmick if they keep him on it’s going to go far. Maybe have him approaching people about the legal ramifications of things that happen in the ring. “John Cena just attacked you…you know you can sue him, right?” More people for the stable! Or having segments where Superstars come to him for legal advice. There’s a few ways WWE could take it.

Christian and Ziggler being involved give this stable real star power. Christian works amazing when he has other people to work from and bounce off of, in my opinion. And who doesn’t love heel Christian? Ziggler is decent on the mic and has the wrestling skill to back it. Seeing he and Christian tag-teaming and shit is my smarky wet dream. I love them together!

Swagger is a very good “minion.” He can do what he’s told to do and won’t ask questions. We saw a lot of this in the Cole feuds…and I think this is a great place for him for the time being. It needs a lot more time working off-screen on his mic skills. If he can get that down he’ll be a serious star. He’s an amazing wrestler. His technical skills are on point. You can watch a match of his and not get bored. He’s not extraordinary yet, but this stable gives him a chance to develop more of those skills and also develop more as a character.

Rounding it out we have Cody Rhodes…who will forever have my heart for being the champ during the “back to the white belt” change. God. Yes. I still call him #PhantomOfTheTurnbuckle, but I’ve slowly developed an affection for him and for that character. While DiBiase is a better wrestler, Cody’s character is getting farther and farther away from Ted in success because he’s better at characterization. He’s better at making the crowd care about him, one way or the other. He’s a good fit…and he’s actually the first one I can see leaving the stable when the break up time comes as it inevitably does…

I would like to see DiBiase in this stable. Whiny, privileged little rich kid…this is perfect for him! He will be able to flesh out his “I Come From Money” character, which WWE seems to have forgotten to give him any sort of gimmick at all…but it’s in his theme song so obviously that’s the intent. Let’s do it! Get him in there whining and being all heel-like, motherfuckers!

Unlike Nexus and especially The Corre…this new stable has a combination of stars, promo guys (or woman, in this case), wrestlers and rookies to really make it well-rounded. If WWE will just give it good writing and good feuds it has a good chance of being a big deal.

What’s their name going to be? Who should they feud with? Is Mason Ryan (another great enforcer) gonna be a mainstay in the stable?

I have so many questions!

RAW was amazing this week! Between this new stable and the walkout on Mr. H’s? I’m hooked! I can’t wait to see what happens on Smackdown!


2 thoughts on “Return Of The Heel Stable

  1. Great’s nice to see the old-school stables come back. We won’t have another Bobby Heenan but we can settle for Guerrero as it’s better than nothing.

    Stables like the Heenan Family and the Dangerous Alliance were great for housing names who they would have otherwise had nothing for, and quite frankly, 60% of the WWE’s roster belongs in stables because they have far too much to still learn before being standalone workers.

    Meanwhile, TNA’s doing it all backwards. Fortune is comprised of all guys who could stand on their own in a heartbeat, and so is Immortal, with the exception of guys like Gunner, who no one really cares about, thus proving why stables are needed.

    That’s TNA for you, though. Still, I have to say, I’m more interested in Bound for Glory than Survivor Series–and I’ve hated TNA for about a year now.

    Back to WWE, though, this heel stable could possibly make Smackdown watchable.

    • Yes! I agree! Stables are really good for housing mid and undercarders who would never get TV time otherwise. It also gives them to chance to improve and develop their characters. The Rock might never have gotten out of the midcard if it wasn’t for NoD.

      TNA really is not going stables well at all…Hm. But! Yes, I’m excited for Bound For Glory too! I love The Rock, but I have no interest in seeing him at Survivor Series. None.

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