No More Barbie Divas?

So…that came on my Tumblr dashboard this morning! God I hope it’s true! I believe it’s very possible, I mean, Trips brought Chyna in…who wasn’t all that good-looking when she started out. We need him to make this happen!

More of this:

Much less of this:

No one cares if you can strip. We don’t need “live sex shows.” I can create one of those in my own home, thank you very much! We wanna see you wrestle. It’s a wrestling show.

Let’s do this!


3 thoughts on “No More Barbie Divas?

  1. Not so sure if Chyna’s the best example.. I mean, she was hired based on looks, too, right?
    I’d argue that Chyna was no better than Kelly Kelly is today.

    Victoria, however… Very underrated in my eyes. It’s a shame they let Gail Kim go before moving towards this–if it’s actually true.

    • Nooooooo! Not hired on looks. Triple H had a lot to do with her coming in.

      She had a lot of plastic surgery done, it looks like. She’s certainly not what we’d call “classically beautiful.” Never was, but by the time she had a Playboy photo shoot she was certainly more toward that end, anyway.

      Victoria and Gail Kim are amazing. I don’t understand letting her go.

    • Oh and actually I was gonna choose Lita since she’s my favorite, but she had no choice but to turn a little Barbie once her neck injury got so bad she couldn’t wrestle much anymore.

      The live sex show with Edge was the low point of her career. Ugh. I’m still pissed about it!

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