Why I Don’t Give A Fuck About The Rock At Survivor Series

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. A lot. Seeing John Cena and The Rock team up at Survivor Series. I just really do not give a fuck. I’ve tried to care. I’m just can’t get excited about it. Sitting around thinking about how amazing it’s going to be to have The Rock back in the WWE–even for just a night.

“It’s gonna be electrifying! Of course it is! It’s The Rock!”

In reality, I don’t think it will be though.

First of all, I could give a fuck about The Rock as a wrestler. He sucks. I just want him to go out there, sell a few hits…which he’s amazing at! Rock Bottom everyone and get the fuck outta the ring and cut a promo.

This is the main reason I have a problem with The Rock. Or, rather, with Dwayne Johnson.

First, Cena gives a promo against The Rock in Australia:

The Rock shoots back with this:

Quick sidenote, why can’t Cena give promos like this all the time damnit! I wish he was “on” like this more. Or WWE allowed him to do this kind of thing more, I don’t know…

But, one of these things is not like the other. Yes, Cena gets a paycheck. Yes, he’s obligated to be there. Ya know what? That didn’t stop Austin from peacing out in Atlanta that one time…forcing The Rock to come back. I still remember that, and it was the moment where I had the greatest respect for Dwayne Johnson I have ever had.

He got in the middle of the ring, wearing his American “Just Bring It” shirt, and he gave a big promo about something and at the end he said,

“Austin can take his ball and go home, but to me, this is home.”

And everyone, including 16 year old me went fucking apeshit. Goddamn right. Fuck Austin! Steve Austin…the guy who did that…in the Hall of Fame ten years later. Not that it wasn’t deserved, I’m just sayin’! Obligations don’t mean a goddamn thing, in the end.

I think at that time, this was still true for Dwayne. It some ways I’m sure it always will be. WWE is his home, and I believe him when he says that it is.

But, The Rock is totally right…we, people (not just men Rocky, let’s cut that sexist fucking bullshit! Are you really putting down Cena because he has women fans? GET THE ENTIRE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE!), we as people see through phoniness. I believe Cena’s superman bullshit needs to die tomorrow. I’m sick of either him or WWE not letting him put people over. I understand children need superheroes and that’s totally valid…but a lot of us adult fans are sick to death of that. Cena isn’t larger than life…he’s just invincible…and that’s not the same thing.

But, we know when The Rock saying that he loves being there, that he loves wrestling…that’s phony. That’s bullshit. Not that he doesn’t love those things…but that he loves it more than Cena? Say what you will about Cena and believe me I have criticisms…but you can tell he loves what he does. You can see it in his face and his every interaction, his every match. He gives us EVERYTHING he has.

The Rock, the current one, doesn’t. 2000 Rocky did…but this one does not…and we can see it. It’s why in the Cena video the guys chanting for The Rock shut up…because they know, and we know, on some level Cena is telling the truth. The point of The Rock’s promo seems to be, “You aren’t actually any better than me.” Which may be true, but that ain’t a good selling point, Rocky. It ain’t!

You wanna be an actor Rocky? That’s fine. Do that! I personally will never understand why you would choose to be a mediocre actor over hearing your music hit and stepping into that ramp, climbing into that ring, grabbing a mic and being…a god. The Rock is a god. Dwayne Johnson is an actor. So, as someone who has a real passion for wrestling I will never get it.

But that’s it, isn’t? You notice in that promo up there he said,

“Acting…something I love. Wrestling…something I also love.”

This is the crux of the entire thing. Notice which one he mentioned first.

You wanna be involved w/ WWE, Rocky? Here’s what you do…here’s your legacy…host Wrestlemania every year. Be like The Undertaker. You don’t want to wrestle? Cool. That’s your gig. Host…really get in there that month leading up to Wrestlemania and kick ass! Wow us! Be electricfying!

But, don’t stand there and say, “I’m never going away again,” when it’s not true.

When it’s not exactly what you mean.

At the end of the day, Dwayne Johnson isn’t passionate about wrestling anymore…not the same way he is acting. That’s why he’s ok w/ mediocre parts. Because he loves what he’s doing! And good for him! Really! Do what you love! Have at it, Hoss!

He has to stop pretending though, be honest. Well, really, he doesn’t even have too. We see it.

*slaps hands together* Phony.


3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Give A Fuck About The Rock At Survivor Series

  1. I have nothing against the Rock for wanting to find a ‘safer’ career path. Power to him. He’s made tons of money doing…I don’t want to say less work, but safer work. Far less wear-and-tear on his body.

    What I do have a problem with is the way he misled fans. I’m paraphrasing, but he said he was back and was never going anywhere. Next week: not there. Week after that: not there. The next time he ‘showed up’ was by satellite. Sure, he’s still ‘on call’ and it’s probably Vince’s choice to not have him around (it’s better for business to save him) but it was misleading.

    This wasn’t a crap read–it was good. I agree with the majority of it. I somewhat think the Rock is overrated, but still extremely talented, if that makes sense.

    He was ‘sports entertainment’ personified. He’s a complete product of WWE if you don’t count his brief run in Jerry Lawler’s USWA. Not saying it’s bad, but he’s extremely entertainment-oriented, so it’s ironic that all of these ‘I want wrestling’ people are clamoring for him to come back.

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