On Politics: An Open Letter To The McMahons

Dear WWE,

Don’t think I haven’t noticed.

“…a bunch of people whining and complaining instead of just doing their jobs!”

“Just sitting around eating tofu like a bunch of hippies!”

“In my day, instead of walking out we would come in this ring and deal with our problems like men.”

and my favorite, spoken by Triple H while mocking someome,

“You want change, Obama?”

The quotes probably aren’t exact. I was too busy throwing things at my TV and yelling,


My bad. But that’s the gist of what you’re saying.

We’re not idiots. I get that Linda McMahon is running for Senate again. Good for her! But, yeah, trying to sneak in your little Republican taking points into my show? Naw, get the fuck outta here with that. Stop using your employees as propaganda tools, you assholes.

Let’s take this point by point.

Suing for better working conditions is complaining and whining

I get that we’ve become sue happy in this country…but sometimes…and I know it’s hard to grasp…people have good reasons to sue big business!

And you know what? While you’re sitting there mocking people “complaining,” which is hardly ever what they’re actually doing, by the way, you’re alienating a sizable portion of your audience.

I have tons of friends who are people of color who watch your show. They have to go day and day out hearing people complain about how they’re just going around complaining about things (mostly racism) that aren’t actually happening. They deal w/ that stereotype 24/7…and here you are, sitting there saying this crap in an environment that’s supposed to be entertainment.

It’s hurtful. You’re being hurtful to your audience. And you don’t even think about it. “Complaining and whining” are just words to you because you’re rich and white. But for people of color they have a hurtful historical meaning and context. These are words used to deny their reality, to deny the poor everywhere ways to survive. And you’re contributing to it.

And we won’t even mention how in Linda McMahon’s campaign video she’s talking about bringing jobs to Connecticut with mostly white people who seem to already have jobs. Yeah…Reaganomics, bitches! It totally works except that it doesn’t!

Hell, you already do enough racial stereotypes to get your point across. We get it. You don’t care. Which is a fucking stupid ass business decision, by the way…to just decide you’re going to keep doing this crap anyway and fuck your audience! Just fucking say you don’t care and get it over with.

The hippies just sat down eating Tofu and didn’t do shit

Oh yeah, the hippies didn’t do anything in this country. Y’all, I guess you didn’t know…but people striking are just a bunch of people sitting around doing nothing! Oh yeah, those damn, dirty hippies. Going around protesting wars and shit…

Women’s Lib? Oh, that wasn’t important! And Woodstock! Man, there has never been a less culturally-relevant event in the history of the United States. There aren’t countless documentaries about how it changed the country or anything…

Striking for better working conditions isn’t manly.

Fuck. You. Ya know, people would love to just be able to talk one on one with their bosses and get better treatment. But since you fuckers have your HR departments set up to be for the company and not for the worker…it makes it damn near impossible for just one person to do anything! Which is why people have to go on strike! Corporations create the conditions that allow that shit to happen!

And the manly thing? Oh…fuck you. I wanted Beth Phoenix to run into the ring and pop Triple H in the mouth with her title belt just as he said that. We get it, WWE. You don’t give a fuck about women. Yes, we can see it in the dismissive way you treat the Divas. Grow a vagina and just admit it. Jesus Christ.

And again, alienating a portion of your audience. If you only want straight, conservative white men watching your shows and buying your products just fucking say so. If you want your revenue to go down…just fucking say it.

Otherwise, get a fucking clue!

For me, and most other fans, wrestling is a release. Watching it is at times the highlight of our days.

Here’s what I don’t need:

  • I don’t need to reminded that people think liberals are a bunch of complainers who don’t work hard.
  • I don’t need to be reminded how useless society sees me as a woman.
  • I don’t need to be reminded that Linda McMahon is running for Senate under a Reaganomics plan that history and studies have shown time and time again doesn’t work.
  • I don’t need to be reminded that if she wins that’s gonna be more people out of work that I have to compete with in the job market.
  • Ya know what I need? NOT TO FUCKING THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS. I need you to put wrestling on my TV and not conservative propaganda. For a little while, I would like to not have to deal with reality. For 2 fucking hours of my life! I just want to be entertained. I have been so loyal to you. We all have.

    Give us wrestling. Give us an escape. We deserve that.


    Lorraine Gore
    Loyal WWE Fan


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