BOO-YA! A little bit of 3.0…

I’ve been doing some research on Chikara the past couple of days. And, I gotta tell ya, I’ve absolutely fell in love with these guys!

“This is the Chikara symbol upside down.”
“…makes no sense.”
“I liked it.”

THESE MOTHERFUCKERS RIGHT HERE! This is what gets me excited to see some wrestling! I am all about the promo. All about it! It’s what I live for. My biggest passion in wrestling, and these men are doing everything for me. Promos have to tell a story…they have to further the storyline and heighten the feud. It’s through the promos that I become emotionally invested in a storyline and that makes me want to see the match.

This is what I mean when I talk about everything having to go together. The storylines have to be interesting, the promos have to be believable and the matches have to make sense. It all has to fit, or none of it works.

LOL, I haven’t watched a match w/ these guys yet because I’m too busy cracking the fuck up at their promos!

The play between these two here, how they make fun of each while cutting the promo…Jagged laughing when Shane starts goin’ in about putting their opponents in the Boston Crab. “Poppa Bear…Momma Bear.” You can tell they’re actually friends…they cut promos like real friends would. The dynamic is amazing to watch.

This is my new favorite thing. I’ve watched it several times over the past few days. Shout out to 2 year old Taylor! Still hilarious. Every time. Without fail. So much talent…

So much talent.


2 thoughts on “BOO-YA! A little bit of 3.0…

  1. 3.0 are very high on my list of why I love Chikara. The first time I saw them cut a promo together I lost it and decided they were going to be my favorites. They’ve just got such a great comedic timing with each other and in a lot of ways aren’t afraid to look like goofs when the time calls for it.

    Them wrestling the Unstable and Big Magic falling asleep out on the ring apron, complete with pillow, because Vin Gerard was so borring was hillarious. Can’t remember exactly what show it was on right off the top of my head, but it was earlier this year, right around King of Trios.

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