Scott Hall Is Dying

I wanted to blog about anything but this today…but it’s everywhere. Not only all over wrestling blogs and twitter accounts, but it’s also weighing heavily on all our hearts and minds today. I have to talk about it. I think we all have to talk about it.

I sat watching this…my chin in my hand. Just shaking my head.


Over and over. Forcing myself to watch when Hall was being carried into the ring for the match at that indie fed. A match he doesn’t even remember having. Trying not to cry…fighting back tears as his son talks about not wanting to make him better anymore, just wanting to improve his quality of life. Just wanting to give his father something to live for.

There’s an aura of somberness in wrestling fandom today. As if we’re already mourning him…and I guess in a way we are. Mourning the loss of what he used to be and what he’s turned into.

Scott Hall is dying.

I don’t know any other way to put it. I hope this is his bottom…but…how can making people care about you again and getting a paycheck for an appearance be bottom? I don’t know that is documentary will making much of a difference.

And I kept thinking, like a scratched CD playing the same thing over and over in my head,

This is what’s going to happen to Jeff Hardy.

But, there’s still hope for Jeff. Even if this doesn’t help Hall, I hope this helps both Jeff and Matt. The chronicling of the one’s life of addiction is maybe one of the most tragic things we put on TV nowadays. You would think that would be enough to deter people…but it isn’t.

I want Jeff to get help more than anything, and I want him to be ok. Even if that means he never wrestles again. In the grand scheme of things, who cares? Hey, we’ll always have Wrestlemania X7, right?

As we go throughout our day with this heaviness…we have to remember that there’s hope. That we can change things. Wrestling doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t have to lead to this…

We’ve taken great strides in changing that, at least some companies have. We as fans can demand more, we can demand better. We can help make sure Scott Hall’s story, Jake the Snake’s story, Eddie Guerrero’s story, The Hardy’s stories aren’t in vain. That they can mean something and lead to more awareness, to stricter policies. There’s still hope for all of these people, even if it’s a faint spotlight in the distance.

This quote stuck out to me above all else:

"What's left, man? What do you do when they quit chanting your name?" -Scott Hall

You be proud and thankful you had your time with us, and know that we respect you for what you gave us. Then you try to go on with your life, baby, and you be happy.

That’s what you do.


3 thoughts on “Scott Hall Is Dying

  1. Scott it made me sick to see you like that .I hope your son pull you back up to your greatness . PS you try killing yourself I will pull you out of the ground,being you back to life and kill you myself LOL. Have a long and Happy LIFE.

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