Tribute to The Tombstone

One of the most recognizable wrestling moves of all time. Chances are even if you aren’t a wrestling fan, when someone says “Tombstone Piledriver,” you know exactly what that means. You’re imagining it right now, aren’t ya? See. I told ya!

The Undertaker, one of the greatest gimmicks of all time! He and The Tombstone are synonymous! No matter what happens, we can always expect Taker to come back during Wrestlemania and give us (recently) the best match of the PPV and often several Tombstones. He didn’t invent the move, but he made it famous! Hell, that’s what he promises, right?

The Tombstone Piledriver was reportedly invented by Mark Rocco, the original Black Tiger.. The move was then co-opted by Andre The Giant, then made most famous by The Undertaker.

Since it is October, and almost Halloween, it’s fiting to do this tribute now. My complilation of the best Undertaker Tombstone Piledrivers ever!

One of the first Tombstone Piledriver’s from the Undertaker to Koko B. Ware.

5 Tombstones!

The best cage match in WWE history. Tombstone at 2:50.

Tombstone to Hunter Hearst Helmsley on the escalator on Shotgun Saturday Night. Personal all-time favorite!

Have a great Halloween weekend!

P.S. My computer was being repaired so I missed Theme Thursday. Expect it later on today!


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