We Want Ryder

This year has been a tough one for WWE. Tryin’ to keep that golden boy John Cena golden.

First, we had CM Punk throw the wrestling world into a goddamn new era!

…only for WWE to downplay that so they can potentially make him champ at Wrestlemania even though the early momentum that made that moment with Punk so fresh and groundbreaking is now lost…

But, that’s another rant for another time, motherfuckers!

Today we’re talkin’ ’bout Zack-motherfuckin’-Ryder and how no one gave a fuck about Cena during their tag team match on Raw last night!

Everytime Cena got tagged in the “We want Ryder!” chants started. How great was that to hear in a Main Event? He was actually over more than Cena! I was floored.

The reason why Ryder is having a much easier time than Punk seemed to early on is because Cena really pushes Ryder! He’s been mentioning him every week! He promos and shouts out Long Island Iced Z. Though we complain a lot about Cena not putting people over–I think it’s mostly WWE that pushes that “invincible” thing on him. John the real person is really a good guy, and it’s cool of him to put over Ryder.

Even during their match he was doing it! When Ryder was down,


Cena got the crowd to chant.

I love them together. I love their dynamic, I love the way they both put each other over. I even loved that dumbass Double Five-Knuckle Shuffle they did!

Their bromance is becoming one of my favorite things about RAW.

…Now if only I could get them both in a room…covered in sandalwood oil. Yeah baby, I’ll show you a rough ryder! LOL!

Back to reality though! A future Hall of Famer?



This is Zack Ryder.


This is Zack Ryder getting over. ↑





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