To Make A Fan: The Match

If someone wanted you to recommend one match that would make them a wrestling fan, which match would you pick and why?

This is the question I posted on my new Google+ page this morning (Are you on that? Have you circled me yet? Do that shit!) and I got some amazing responses! So, here is my answer to the question:

Definitely one of my favorite and one of the best matches of all time! When I watch this match, I can’t even find the will to mark out. I just sit there wide-eyed, slack-jawed, breathlessly muttering “Wow…wow…” It’s that good.

Foley goes over the cage within the first three minutes. You know he’s hurt! Of course he is! He’s gotta be! But after a while he gets up and goes back into the ring and continues. There is nothing like it! He continues for 15 more minutes! He continues through being thrown through the cage. He continues through being slammed twice into tacks! Foley is god. For real. I don’t understand how anyone could not have respect for Mick Foley.

The reason I think this match is a great introduction to wrestling is because it has it all! The match is entertaining on it’s own, you don’t need to understand the storyline. Most of the time nowadays you get updated on the storyline as you’re watching the match. They didn’t even get the chance to start that with this one because the announcers where in awe too.

That’s another thing, the commentary is what commentary should be. The commentary should be entertaining, but not sidelining or the focus of the match like they’re doing now with Cole talking about himself every 10 seconds. The announcer should never be more important than the match or the wrestlers. Sorry. You can tell the color commentators love with they’re doing and they’re excited about what they’re seeing…their reactions don’t feel forced in any way. That’s important. When J.R. yells,


You know he really feels that. Classic J.R.

Another reason it’s great is because it has performers that most people will recognize. Especially The Undertaker! He’s part of the American lexicon. When you have 2 wrestlers such as this giving it their all, it’s hard to not become invested in that! This is the kind of match that gets people hooked!

The crowd is invested too! There’s an energy with crowds that are invested that shows up a 1000 watts on the screen. The last thing you want for an introductory match is a crowd that’s half-ass into the match. The truly good matches get the crowd on the edge of their seats whether they originally cared about it or not. They can’t help it!

Lastly, the action in the match itself. I mean…damn…does it really get any better? You have a hell in a cell match, which is in-of-itself exciting. You have dramatic entrances, 30 foot dives…

When non-wrestling fans think of wrestling, this is what they think of. Sweaty, gritty, bloody, grimy…wrestling! Taker and Foley sell the moves well, and it helps that Foley was actually hurting, I suppose! LOL

It’s an amazing match because it’s the pinnacle of what wrestling should be. What it should always strive to be. At it’s core, that match is what wrestling is all about.

Two men.
One ring.

The perfect moment. The perfect match.

Your turn: If someone wanted you to recommend one match that would make them a wrestling fan, which match would you pick and why?

Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “To Make A Fan: The Match

  1. Say what you will about either Goldberg or DDP but I will include this because at a younger age, this had me on the absolute edge of my seat. Might be the best individual match of all-time for both Goldberg and DDP.

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