Under The Ring

The Weapons

I’ve always wondered what all is under the ring. Tables, chairs, Hornswoggle. Various things have been put under the ring over the years. From guitars to cowbells, a million ladders for ladder matches, even a TV so Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker could hide under the ring and appear on cue. Some say there’s even a trap door…

This series is about what’s under the ring.


The Chair

The quintessential weapon. Synonymous with wrestling! This is a very versatile weapon. You can hit people with the face,  or the edges for even more pain. You can trap a limb inbetween it and make your opponent tap. You can set it up and have your opponent sit in one corner while you scale the ropes and fly at the them from the opposite corner. You can position the chair in front of them and Sweet Chin music them RIGHT IN THE FUCKING FACE!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!


Oops, got a little carried away there.


The Table

The ear-splitting crack when someone goes through a table makes fans everywhere mark right the fuck out! Tables can really only be used for one thing…putting people threw em! Stack ’em up, light them on fire, Powerbomb, Pedigree. What could be better? One thing about tables though is it’s easy to botch. If you’re off by a little bit you could seriously hurt someone. Remember Spike Dudley?


The Trash Can

Not very effective, but it sure sounds nice! THWACK! Trashcans are rarely used in big promotions like WWE anymore (Like a lot of things…), but you can be hit w/ the can itself, the lid, you can have it put over your head and get hit with a kendo stick, you can hold it as your opponent flies at you. When I think of the trash can as a weapon, I always think of the Shane vs. Vince match at Wrestlemania 17. This match made a great use of the trash can as well as many other weapons!


The Barbed Wire

There may not be a more hardcore weapon than barbed wire. It can be wrapped around anything…a bat, a 2×4, a hand, a neck…

Many of us see barbed wire as a “backyard wrestling” type of weapon, or a weapon mostly used for props. Mick Foley really changes that perception though. In 1995. Mick Foley (as Cactus Jack) and Terry Funk participated in a Death Match. The ring ropes were barbed wire…and in each corner of the ring it looked as if someone vomited barbed wire all over some plywood. If you’re a wrestling fan and have never seen this match…look up the whole thing. One of the most famous hardcore matches ever.


The Sledgehammer

So whaddya do with this thing? You pound the fuck outta someone! That’s what! Sledgehammers are pretty unique as a wrestling weapon. The potential for concussions or even death is much higher if this is used wrong. Sometimes fake sledges are used, but they can also use the real thing. The sledgehammer, of course, has become the signature weapon of Triple H. It’s one one of the most recognizable signature weapons in WWE. Right up there with Foley’s Barbed Wire Bat. For me, there’s something particularly hot about HHH picking up that sledgehammer…something domineering…I don’t know. But hey, I ain’t fightin’ it! That moment when he picks it up and stares at it is a complete mark out moment! Definitely my personal favorite.


The weapons used in wrestling have given us some of the best matches of all time! Death matches, TLC matches! They allow a wrestler another level of creativity that adds to the match to make it more memorable . And hell, it’s damn entertaining, ain’t it?


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