Theme Thursday: Kane

Kane’s Attitude Era Theme

We don’t have a good, definitive copy of his new 2011 theme yet! So this one will have to do! Oh gee, how horrible!

This theme scared the shit out of me. I loved every second. This theme was especially great to hear at the Royal Rumble because you knew it was about to get in the ring and just fuckin’ clean house!

P.S. And for some reason…a small explosion always makes a Titantron more badass. LOL


One thought on “Theme Thursday: Kane

  1. This was pretty bad ass, i always preferred slow chemical by finger eleven i think it was, the lazy guitar riff always made me mark out so hard whenever i heard it! and i agree about your explosion comment – not quite the same as a visual explosion but Austins breaking glass had the same effect. his theme would probably have sucked without it!

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