So, Y2J is back…

…and then it got a little weird.

It started out similar to when The Rock came back last February. The lighted shirt! The iconic pose! Such a mark out.

He came down to the ring and stood there as we chanted.

“Y2J! Y2J!”

He basked in the moment. You could tell his adrenaline was pumping and he looked so happy. He went around screaming, and Hulking up and playing to the crowd! And it went on…

…and on.

…and on.

…and on.

Then went back through the “curtain.” Where the fuck was the promo? Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rollah? “Again” in the Canadian accent? Not even a “ho-bag?” Where was the girl promised in the promo? Totally gonna need that to be Stephanie McMahon, by the way.

I’m assuming there’s a larger story building up here. Either that, or Chris Jericho was totally high. Some say it was obviously a heel turn…but since when does being a heel include not doing anything? He didn’t do anything! No wrestling! No promo! Well, by the end of it people were audibly booing anyway, heel or not.

Maybe they were trying to do a parody of The Rock’s comeback?

Maybe it’ll make sense next week. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “So, Y2J is back…

  1. Jericho does debuts/returns like no-other. He doesn’t see a point in a ‘comeback’ if it’s not unique in some way. He basically trolled everyone in the arena, trolled internet fans, trolled the marks. He got people talking, and this is the ‘new’ Chris Jericho, as the low-talking, serious, condescending Chris Jericho is ‘old’ and gone. I’m excited to see what this will grow into, and I know it’ll be good either way since Jericho never disappoints.

    • Yeah, I can agree with all that. It’s definitely a good thing for Jericho to reinvent himself. I think you have to keep some sense of nostalgia about you as well. But it definitely got people talking.

      LOL, other people were talking about the trolling. I think it’s a great description. I’m nervous and excited to see where this goes. But, I care…and you can’t beat that!

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