Telling the TRUTH: On Evan Bourne and Ethics In The Wrestling Biz

This little rumor has been floating around the IWC today:

…There is nuclear backstage heat on Evan Bourne in WWE over “ratting out” R-Truth for smoking Spice with him at a party they were both attending.  Bourne was caught and suspended but R-Truth’s suspended was delayed. Many assumed this was due to the fact that Truth was booked with the Miz to face The Rock and Cena at Survivor Series on November 20, 2011. Bourne was suspended November 1, 2011 and Truth’s suspension wasn’t announced until November 22, 2011.

WNW claims that Triple H confronted Bourne backstage at a recent RAW Supershow (believed to be 12/19). Apparently, Hunter, along with others, “chewed him out” for ratting out R-Truth.

Bourne is considered to be a backstage outcast because he threw one of the boys under the bus for no reason. There is zero heat on R-Truth, with all of it on Bourne. Last week, Vince McMahon met with Evan Bourne about it. It is not believed that Bourne is in jeopardy for being fired but he’s been chewed out by several people.

Any typos are not mine, but reproduced from the above site just as it was printed because it was original content and that’s a big deal.

#Sigh. I hope this isn’t true…but it gives me something to talk about so we’re going to act as if it is for the time being.

Sidenote: How pissed would you be if you were Kofi Kingston right now though? Enter into a tag team with this motherfucker and he goes off doing shit against the wellness policy and fucking up not only his shot, but mine as well? I’D BE PISSED! That’s the only TV time Kofi is getting! And they’re reviving interest in the Tag Team Division…then this fucker goes off and does that? Maaaan, no. I’d be in Vince’s office in 2.2 seconds telling him EVERYTHING! Fuck all that. /rant

When I was a kid, there was another kid who lived down the street from me. He was a mean ass kid. His father was a cop. My best friend and this kid rode the bus home together. I always got home before my friend, so I would go down to his bus stop and wait for him. My friend had been bullied by this kid for a while. This day, as they were getting off the bus, the bully called my friend a name and my friend was done.

My friend dropped his backpack and they fought right there at the bus stop. Both of them were fighting each other. Guess who was the only one who got in trouble with the cops? I’ll give ya a hint. Not the cops son. If you are a police department with good ethics, you deal with both people who did wrong and no one is exempt.

Probably should work that way for everything, right? The truth of this rumor is that Bourne and R-Truth were suspended at different times. It’s not easy to make the leap that it’s probably because it was a Main Eventer. If that’s not true…then WWE should start suspending the multiple people involved in a single incident at the same time if they don’t want people to think that way about their company. Trying to cover it up? Probably not smart.

As far as Bourne being an outcast…if true, ridiculous. I understand that wrestlers have to have some degree of protection for each other. Cool. What’s not ok is letting someone else take the fall (or sole responsibility and punishment) for what others did too. That’s not ok. And WWE couldn’t hire my ass, because if they suspended me and not my partner-in-crime because that person was higher on the card I’d whistleblow the fuck outta that to. And if Bourne did that–FUCKING GOOD FOR HIM. You do what’s right, baby. Protection at the cost of truth does not end well. So, of course he did the right thing. Gimme a break.

I know most companies don’t have good ethics. But they should. We all know life isn’t fair. But, I always remind people that it should be. And it’s our responsibility to make it so. But, if the workers aren’t even interested in having good ethics in a company they work for?

I don’t know what that means. If there’s any truth to this at all, anyone criticizing Bourne needs to grow the fuck up and demand better of themselves and others around them.


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