Theme Thursday: Goldust

Because I wanna see a Rhodes brothers feud and because it would make me LOL hard to troll Goldust and have him block me on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Goldust

  1. This is seriously one of my favorite WWE theme songs. It’s so wonderfully hypnotizing.

    I was once blocked by Goldust on Twitter. Not sure why, I had never tweeted anything to him, but still he blocked me. He then unblocked me a few days later. He really is a strange fellow.

  2. LOL, he’s definitely weird. I’m all for being in-character or for semi-trolling people. But blocking folks because they don’t have the same beliefs as you? Naw, son, that’s bullshit. So I would enjoy fucking with him for that. You don’t treat people that way, ya know?

    But that theme song? Loooooooooooooove!

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