Cuttin’ Promos: Triple Talk Wrestling Radio

Oh my god y’all! I have been doing some amazing things lately! The most important thing is that motherfuckers I am on the radio!

Triple Talk Wrestling Radio with Jackie Fiest, Lindsay Ward and Lorraine Gore (That’s me baby!) is a bi-weekly podcast featuring all-female hosts talking dirty! Oh yeah…there might be some wrestling in there too…

Our first episode just hit the net so make sure you check that out! I’ll be posting episodes as they come out…so you’ll never have to worry about missing one.

I’m so excited about this project! These kick ass women definitely inspire me to up my knowledge and learn new skills like actually being on the radio!

I wanna push for this to be the most listened-to podcast on the station so let’s make that happen! Follow my co-hosts @jackiefiest and @linsward on Twitter! And again, don’t forget to check out our first episode where I might have went on a rant about men supporting the Divas…maybe..

Yeah, you know you want that.

I’m totally gonna have to do a post about it this week because every week I have fresh #WomanRage about the Divas…so much rage…

If you like what you hear, be sure to tune in and promo the fuck outta this! #WePromoHard


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