Royal Rumble 1999 Tribute

The Royal Rumble has always held a special place in my heart. The first Royal Rumble was held on my birthday January 24, 1988. I was two years old. I don’t remember it, of course.  But the fact that the Royal Rumble has often taken place on my birthday makes it an event that coinsides with my own growth. As it grew and changed, so did I. So I want to do a tribute to a Royal Rumble on my birthday every year. Happy 26th to me!

The first Royal Rumble I clearly remember was Royal Rumble 1999! One of the first wrestling events I got on PPV! It’s always been one of my favorite PPVs.  It has had a big effect on me as a fan, and was one of the moments that solidified me as a fan for life.

This match seems to get overlooked a lot when we talk about good, classic, matches. This match really had everything. First of all…Mick Foley. What can you say, really? When you have a match where he is clearly putting his body on the line–obviously it’s going to be a great match. All of them are. The chemisty between The Rock and Foley is amazing. It’s a combination of Foley’s selfless giving of his body to entertain us and The Rock’s (real or percieved) self-absorbed heel mic skills that make the “I Quit” match a real treat to watch, and why you don’t see them much.  You have to use the mic as a verbal weapon, and if you aren’t going to do that there’s no reason for this type of match. And holy chair shots…so many chair shots. Poor Foley…

He was really putting The Rock on a giant pedestal here. And I thank him for that even if  The Rock didn’t at the time. It made for some great entertainment and remains one of my favorite matches of all time.

This is how I like Kane. As you know, I’m not fond of Kane as a wrestler…but I love him as a Monster. He’s the standard, as far as I’m concerned. I love watching him be in his element…kicking ass, cleaning house, not giving a fuck. Kane in the Rumble for me is just as much a part of the Rumble as the Undertaker having a match. It’s something I have to have…or it just isn’t the Rumble. It’s really one of the biggest platforms that Kane is given to shine and show off his character. Rain, shine, mask, no-mask…I need Kane to clothesline some motherfuckers over the rope!

Vince McMahon wins the Royal Rumble. No matter how many times I watch this…my jaw drops everytime he pushes Austin over that rope. You can feel the crowd’s shock and disappointment. You can hear the Smarks going, “What the fuck is this?!” I was on wrestling forums at this time, but very much a mark…we Smarks were not happy with this.  You just feel such pity for Austin. He wants it so bad. And you know it’s bad when he says “Son of a bitch!” and I get excited because that’s so edgy by today’s standards…

It’s really easy to hate Rocky here, and that’s coming from a big Attitude Era The Rock mark (God, I love him…), but he’s doing the arrogant thing so well that you can’t help but hate and love it at the same time. And the way he and Stone Cold kind of fight off into the sunset. It was just a great Pay-Per-View overall and had some really great matches and moments! It’s a good example of the Attitude Era, which I think should have been subtitled the “I don’t give a fuck” era. That was the attitude of so many of the wrestlers…

No wonder I loved it so much.


What’s your favorite moment from Royal Rumble 1999?



2 thoughts on “Royal Rumble 1999 Tribute

  1. There’s something magic in the air when it comes to Royal Rumble events. Even though we all know the Road to WrestleMania is entirely scripted, it still always feels like something epic went down. Gotta love the Royal Rumble!

    • Yeah, I definitely think a lot of it’s magic has to do with the fact that he starts the road to Wrestlemania. Like a wrestling fan’s Ash Wednesday or something LOL (Maybe we should all walk around with clocks that buzz every 90 seconds like Catholics do with the ashes? What’s that you say? Taking the metaphor too far? Oh.)

      We hope that every year will be better than the last. I hope we aren’t disappointed this year…

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